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A tax professional spends four to ten or more hours per audit - think of the time and stress you could save yourself if you purchase pre-paid audit defense.

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Full Audit Representation through an Audit Defense Membership, is included at no additional cost. Other tax experts charge roughly $150/hour for representation.

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With Full Audit Representation, also known as Audit Defense, a Tax Professional will defend your tax return through the entire audit process if you are audited.

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Audit defense is a service offered through TaxAudit to support our members in the event that their state or federal tax return is selected for review or audit.

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What do “Scarface” Capone and a tax audit have to do with each other? They actually do have a bit of a connection. Scarface went to prison for TAX EVASION!

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Stock Chart

I got a CP2000 notice from the IRS. It says I owe $12,269 for securities I sold in 2013. I purchased the stock in 2005 and sold it at a loss of almost $10,000..

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If you are upset about the national debt, you can make a deductible charitable contribution to the Bureau of the Public Debt to help out.

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