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Woman looking at debt letter

A taxpayer can seek relief from a spouse's tax burden by applying for the Innocent Spouse program or the Injured Spouse program, depending on the circumstances.

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Innocent Spouse Relief Form

If you qualify, Innocent Spouse Relief can help remove or particialy remove a tax burden from an innocent spouse.

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Request Denied

The IRS denied your request, so what now? What if you do not have resources to pay the additional tax that may not have been yours to begin with?

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Question Mark

Knowing whether you are liable for back taxes owed by your spouse depends upon a variety of factors. Let's discuss the various aspects of spouse liability.

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Manage Your Tax Liability written in a notebook

With innocent spouse relief, you can request the IRS remove your liability for taxes, penalties, and interest owed on income your spouse did not report.

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woman distressed about tax bill

A person may be relieved of paying some or even all of the tax, penalties, and interest on a tax debt if they meet the conditions for Innocent Spouse Relief.

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Book with California Taxes written on the cover

Options are available to those who cannot pay their taxes in full by the deadline. A good line of communication with the CA Franchise Tax Board is critical.

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Tax Return

If you are in a domestic abuse type situation, it is important to understand your rights as a taxpayer so that you can safeguard your finances for the future.

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