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1099 Form next to Calculator

I received 3 1099 forms - 1 for interest and two from houses which were sold in the months after his passing. Is the estate required to file a return?

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Sold Sign

Father died 30 years ago. Stepmother just sold house and children split father's portion of sale (after filing of an affidavit of heirship). Do we owe taxes?

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House with for sale sign that has sold

My Aunt died and the bank sold her house. The bank sent me a check for "excess proceeds" from the house sale. Do I owe any tax on this money?

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Probate puzzle piece on wooden house

Consider the potential risks and benefits before adding an adult child or caregiver as an owner of your home, bank account, credit card, or any other asset.

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House prices going up

The reality is you can sell your house to your child, grandchild, or anyone else for that matter, for $1. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

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