So this is what an audit feels like.

Audits happen. Be prepared.

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Audits happen.
Be prepared.

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Audits happen. Be prepared.

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Audits happen. Be prepared.

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Audits happen. Be prepared.

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We are IRS tax audit defense experts.

With over 5 million members, is the leading audit defense firm in the nation. Our audit professionals handle IRS audits every day and include enrolled agents (EAs), certified public accountants (CPAs), and tax attorneys. Our tax audit defense representatives handle more audits in one month than most tax preparers or attorneys handle in a lifetime.

With, you not only get personal service, but the experience of an expert defender.

members happy they have audit protection
Never face the IRS alone.

Audits are scary and expensive. With pre-paid IRS audit defense, will defend you when you receive an audit notice. We provide the highest caliber of IRS audit assistance available — at a price any taxpayer can afford.

tax attorney, CPA, and EA
Having IRS audit help matters.

We relieve you from the nightmare of facing the IRS and our seasoned professionals work aggressively to ensure you receive the largest refund possible, or pay no more tax than you rightfully owe.

Rest easy knowing our experienced IRS tax audit specialists will be standing by to deal with whatever the IRS sends your way. information symbol

QuickFact has been offering IRS tax audit help and IRS audit assistance since 1988. The company was originally called TaxResources, Inc.

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Audit protection at its finest

Check out our Employee Blog to read some real IRS audit stories and to learn more about the in-depth audit defense service we provide to our members.

Common Questions

What is tax audit defense?

When you are contacted by the IRS or state taxing agency, our expert IRS income tax audit representatives will defend any income tax return for which you’ve purchased a membership at no additional charge.

In the event of an audit, will:

  • Defend your income tax return through the highest level of appeals.
  • Review your documentation before the IRS sees it.
  • Schedule and attend all audit appointments on your behalf. Prepare requests for appeals conferences.
  • If necessary, prepare a U.S. Tax Court Petition.
  • Minimize the financial impact of an audit.

Memberships must be purchased before the IRS or state taxing agency sends you a notice. If the date on the notice of audit from the IRS or State is prior to the acceptance date of your membership, audit defense services for that audit are excluded.

With a membership, you can rest easy knowing IRS audit assistance is only a phone call away

Common Questions

I don't have a membership, can I still get IRS tax audit help?

Yes, we offer IRS tax audit help for those who do not have audit protection coverage. Just provide us the IRS income tax audit letter you’ve received along with your tax return documents. We will provide you a professional evaluation of your situation including a full analysis of documents, planning for resolution, and if recommended, a quote for expert IRS audit defense.

At just $75.00, you won’t find better tax notice and tax return evaluation.

Common Questions

How much does your IRS audit defense service cost?

If the tax return being audited is covered under your audit protection membership plan, the audit defense service doesn’t cost you anything.

If you don’t have audit protection, don’t worry. We can provide a professional evaluation of your IRS tax audit notice and tax return, and recommend a strategy for only $75. The evaluation service includes a one-time, 30 minute phone consultation with a tax professional. Our evaluation also includes a flat fee quote for full service representation by a tax professional. Basic representation is as low as $275, with more complicated cases ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 and up.

Common Questions

How many people get audited?

This is not an easy question to answer because the odds of being audited really depend on your income level and your overall tax situation. While the IRS does publish statistics on audit rates by income level, there is no data available on audit rates for taxpayers whose returns include major audit targets, such as multiple years of Schedule C self-employment business losses or high employee business expenses in relation to income. While your income may put you in a low risk category based on the statistics, your tax return may in fact have an extremely high likelihood of being audited, especially if it contains entries that coincide with one or more of the Agency’s “special projects.” In addition, the computer-generated letters and “soft notices” the IRS sends to millions of taxpayers every year are not counted in their “audit” statistics. offers IRS tax audit help for IRS audits and “soft notices.” When you are contacted by the IRS or state taxing agency, our expert representatives will defend any income tax return for which you’ve purchased an audit protection membership at no additional charge.

Common Questions

What triggers an IRS audit?

Every entry or lack of entry on every line of every form of a tax return can cause an IRS income tax audit to be triggered. IRS audit triggers range from filing status and dependent issues to moving expenses and mortgage interest.

With an audit protection membership from, you can stop worrying about an audit being triggered. If it is, our experienced audit specialists will be standing by to deal with whatever the IRS sends your way.

Common Questions

My tax situation is complicated and I need a representative with experience. Wouldn’t I be better off using a tax lawyer?

A tax lawyer will typically charge thousands of dollars to defend you in an audit. Why pay that much when we have you covered? Our expert audit representatives include CPAs, EAs, and tax lawyers that typically handle more audits in one month than most tax preparers or lawyers handle in a lifetime. Our team of expert defenders have the experience needed to handle any audit situation.

To get a small taste of the great lengths we go to defend our members check out our Employee Blog.