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Four jars with money and plants growning

The Fresh Start program is designed so that taxpayers pay their debt in full within six years, and without a serious financial burden being placed upon them. Read More ›

Back Taxes written on a computer screen

If you owe back taxes, there are options to resolve your back taxes, and TaxAudit can help. Here are a few possible options: Read More ›

Calendar with April 15th marked as Tax Day

On March 20, 2020, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that the Treasury Department is extending the filing deadline for 2019 tax returns. Read More ›

Irs Auditor

Audits happen for many reasons, and while you may think a disgruntled neighbor ratted you out, the reality is most IRS audits are initiated for other reasons. Read More ›

IRS Scam sign on a Telephone

There is a growing number of criminals and fraudsters that are constantly trying to gain access to our bank accounts through clever scams and schemes. Read More ›

Taking Mail out of a Mailbox

The CP2501 notice is just one way IRS asks you about the income you reported on your return and where they feel you may have omitted something. Read More ›

IRS Installment Payment Plan

Yes, it is possible to pay taxes in installments. For many people, the process of applying for an installment plan with the IRS may not be difficult. Read More ›

Flooded Apartment

For federal tax purposes, there is no deduction available at this time. However, the loss may or may not be deductible on your state tax return. Read More ›

Cash with a metal chain and lock wrapped around it

Two words: almost anything. Wages, retirement accounts, bank accounts, vehicles, houses, furniture, and even passports are all fair game. Read More ›

Dollar symbol written on chalk board

Tax Topic 151 means the Department of Treasury will be taking your refund or part of your refund to pay for something that has been reported that you owe. Read More ›

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