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Pencil pointing to the words Amount You Owe on tax form

Congress reauthorized the IRS to use private debt collection agencies, or PDC, to collect outstanding tax liabilities.

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Man working at desk holding a calculator

There is a lot of talk today in the press and on the campaign trail about corporate taxes. Where America stacks up in the world as far as corporate tax rates...

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What do “Scarface” Capone and a tax audit have to do with each other? They actually do have a bit of a connection. Scarface went to prison for TAX EVASION!

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The Capital

Some of the more popular tax breaks the bill would have extended are the tuition and fees deduction; the state and local sales tax deduction...

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stack of large books

 It’s a long story that begins long before the arrival of the first Form 1040 Income Tax Return of Annual Net Income of Individuals...

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