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“Within hours of contacting Tax Audit, they assigned one of their representatives, a CPA, to defend me. She was responsive, professional and understanding. Tax Audit made it simple and painless.”

Gretchen, Lake Oswego, OR


"My tax audit representative was wonderful, professional and compassionate. He helped me dig through my brain for a number of weeks, until the matter was resolved. By the time we finished, I felt like I had a new member in my family."

Karen, Magnolia, TX

“The IRS contacted me claiming I owed $1200. Thanks to your help it turns out they owed me $890! I could not have resolved this issue myself. I'm getting your service every year”

Stephen, Rehoboth, MA

“Twice in the last five years, complex issues on my returns caused the IRS to challenge my submissions. With TaxAudit's individualized attention, explanations, and hand-holding I was able to resolve both matters with ease and confidence. I can’t begin to imagine what I would have done (and how much it would have cost) without their masterful guidance.”
Paul, Long Beach, NY
“When I received the letter from the IRS I was stunned. I had rolled over my IRA from one investment firm to another, yet the IRS was billing me for a complete withdrawal. The bill with penalty was over $40,000!

Within hours of contacting Tax Audit, they assigned one of their representatives, a CPA, to defend me. She was responsive, professional and understanding. I sent her the records she requested and then she wrote the response to the IRS which made the audit billing go away.

Tax Audit made it simple and painless.

I will always purchase Tax Audit defense coverage when filing my Turbo Tax returns. The peace of mind is worth it even if I never again am audited.”
Gretchen, Lake Oswego, OR
“I received a letter from the IRS regarding my return. My mother and sister had passed away around that time, and I was having a difficult time dealing with anything....much less the IRS.

My tax audit representative was wonderful, professional and compassionate. He helped me dig through my brain for a number of weeks, until the matter was resolved. By the time we finished, I felt like I had a new member in my family.”
Karen, Magnolia, TX
“The IRS contacted me claiming I owed $1200. Thanks to your help it turns out they owed me $890! I could not have resolved this issue myself. I'm getting your service every year!”
Stephen, Rehoboth, MA
“We went through a recent IRS audit requiring validation of several federal tax line items. We worked with a representative through the IRS audit 'experience.' Her friendly yet professional approach to preparing our audit response as well as noting several audit adjustments resulted in a 'no change.' Her timely communications and courteous approach is sincerely appreciated.

If we require IRS audit support services again, we will definitely turn to Tax Audit for support. Thanks a lot!!!”
John, Bainbridge Island, WA
“I was audited by both federal and state two different times and I could not have done the work TaxAudit did for me. I will continue to purchase the product every year. It's worth the money and I don’t have to face any IRS or state revenue person(s). Get it; you won't regret it!”
Rich, Edina, MN
“I want to let you know how pleased we are with your services! You have handled this matter very capably, keeping us informed every step of the way and explaining each IRS communication and the action you planned.

Because of our positive experience, we signed up for audit protection for next year and will continue to use this service.

Thanks again, we really appreciate you.”
C.N., Houston, TX
“I found your information and services to be very helpful and professional. I’ve told all my friends about how you took my problem ‘off my plate.’ You saved me $1,000.00 and lots of worry. ”
M.S., Fort Wayne, IN
“I really appreciate the help in this matter. You have saved us a considerable amount of money. Your services were extremely helpful. I will not hesitate to use them again.”
M.H., Colorado Springs, CO
“I never really thought I would have to use this service. It was a considerable relief to know that I had support right there. I cannot say enough about the professional and courteous service that I received. I received a closing letter from the IRS and WOW…it was over. Thank you a million times.”
W.P., Adairsville, GA
“I have never in my life had such great customer service and concern over my personal matters. I was initially turned off from using online tax preparation after I was audited by NY State. I have come through this difficult time with outstanding results. I will continue to prepare my taxes online with the purchase of your service. I recommend it to anyone and everyone looking to do their taxes themselves. I hold the highest regard for your company.

Beyond satisfied customer!”
T.D., Gulfport, MS
“Anytime you receive a notice from the IRS it is gut wrenching. You made this whole auditing process as painless as possible. The fee paid for the service is an exceptional value!”
R.M., Tallahassee, FL
“I would like to thank you and your company for doing a great job as you advertised. The communications were great and everything was explained to my satisfaction. The actual money amount, while annoying, was not the actual problem. It is the time and the difficulty in dealing with the IRS. I have had to deal with the IRS directly in the past and it was a time wasting and exasperating experience.

I will continue buying your product in the future and continue to recommend it to my colleagues.”
S.Q., Granville, NY
“I had an excellent experience with the service. The support was timely, professional, and above all successful. I would not have been able to solve this without your help. I am going online right now to purchase support for next year. I highly recommend the service.”
C.S., Weston FL
“There’s nothing quite like the sinking feeling you get when you receive a letter from the IRS. The knowledge that you are there to help deal with these matters gives us great peace of mind. You help to make the process less onerous and we thank you for that!”
C.D., New Castle, DE
“There is no way I will ever file another return and not include audit defense protection. This is the second time I’ve had to use the service. Both times the service worked in my favor. This incident alone saved me $17,000.00. I appreciate the efforts you and your company put into protecting the customer.”
B.H., Montgomery, TX
“I was more than satisfied with your service! I found to be professional, meticulous, courteous, prompt, and most reliable and efficient in dealing with the IRS and myself. All issues were resolved to my satisfaction, saving me a tidy sum in additional taxes and fees that were found to be completely erroneous on the part of the IRS. I always rely on for my tax support, and I never hesitate to recommend your company to my friends and acquaintances.”
R.B., Louisville, KY
“Thank you for your note and for the great work did in solving the problem with my tax return. You can be sure that it provides great peace of mind to know that you all are there to handle any problems that may occur with present and future tax returns and I plan to invest in your service as long as I have income taxes to pay to Uncle Sam.”
R.P., Houston, TX
“Your services were incredible. When faced with a mistake I made on my taxes I felt as if I had nothing, and no one to help me and the government against me.

You took my case over, went over everything, and worked absolute magic!

Thank you so much for your assistance, and though I hope to never need the help again, I am glad to know that you are there should I ever have any problems in the future.”
J.H., Lake Arrowhead, CA
“As I’ve mentioned to you I have signed up for each year for about 6 or 7 years. This year has been the first time which I have needed your help and you really came through for me. You have resolved my matter with the IRS and have been very helpful in walking me through this process step by step. In summary, I feel that the small amount of money which I pay each year for your service is one of the best investments I have ever made.”
R.V., Burbank, CA
“I have been very pleased and impressed with the service I’ve received from Every commitment – from returning phone calls as promised to written information – has been in a timely, professional manner. It was a great relief to be able to turn my issue over to you and the group for a speedy, timely response. I will always purchase the service and highly recommend”
L.M., Ooltewah, TN
“As you know, it is indeed stressful to receive an audit letter from the IRS. Throughout the process, it was comforting to know that you served as our advocate and that you were always available to us. We deeply appreciate your guidance, support and concern. Quite frankly, we wouldn’t want to go through this without you! We sincerely hope that our paths cross again. However, we would undoubtedly like it to occur under other circumstances!”
C.C., Charlotte, NC
“My wife and I felt considerable concern when we received the notification from the IRS that they had audited our income tax return and concluded that we owed them about $3,000.

We have been very satisfied–and pleased–with the prompt aid that you have provided. You have kept us informed by phone calls and email, and so we never felt deserted or wondered what would happen next.

Thank you so very much for the service you rendered with such professionalism in helping to resolve the matter with the IRS.”
R.C., Gretna, NE
“We were extremely pleased with both the service and the result of our work with you. You answered all of our questions and handled the entire matter with skill and efficiency. Quite frankly, we are amazed at the results. Thank you for your efforts on our behalf. We signed up for your services again this year when we filed our taxes.”
M.S., Elko, GA
“Thank you for all the work and assistance on this audit. I can honestly say, the process, from initial contact with you at, through the refund was FANTASTIC!! A friend has a similar audit issue and did not take the Audit Protection. He is now spending time and money to get it resolved. When I explained my circumstance and how ‘easy’ and ‘simple’ it was, well, he’ll be looking into the Protection in the future.

I would recommend your service to anyone.”
J.M., Mohrsville, PA
“This was nothing short of amazing! When we received the IRS notice, I was in a panic. I called the number on my certificate and I was met with quick response. The problem was handled in a professional manner. Everything that happened was explained thoroughly and clearly so we understood what was happening. It has definitely made it worth the fee for the service. We will always use this when filing our taxes. Thank you for taking the worry out of the IRS audit!”
T.E., La Porte, TX
“Words cannot express the gratitude we feel for all your hard work in representing us with our federal tax audit. You were simply outstanding and a pleasure to work with.”
B.T., Tallahassee, FL
“Thank you very much for your professional and courteous help! You really made a significant impact by handling this case and I can tell you that we feel much more comfortable remaining TurboTax’s clients for many years to come, thanks to you.”
K.F., Boca Raton, FL
“I have used a CPA in the past for my taxes and he cost me ten times what your services did for much less service. And I received your services with a smile, courtesy and prompt attention to my problem; I shall not only always use it (as I have this year), but I have regaled anyone who moans about having to do their taxes, with just how great your service is.”
D.H., Norco, CA
“It was a pleasure to have someone with your knowledge working on my side! One never expects to use the audit protection services when it is purchased but after this experience you can be sure I’ll always check that little box that brings you guys on my side.”
J.W., Katy, TX

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