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Tax Return Help

When people ask me for advice on how they should deal with filing unfiled tax returns, I usually tell them to file the most recent year first. Read More ›

State and Local Taxes

You can deduct certain state and local taxes (SALT) if you choose to itemize deductions on your tax return rather than claiming the standard deduction. Read More ›

Oil Change

There is a very good chance that you can indeed deduct the cost of your oil changes if you use your car or truck for business purposes. Let's look closer at it. Read More ›

Wooden House next to Money Bag

In general, only mortgage interest and property taxes are deductible in the transaction year, while some expenses and fees can be added to the cost basis. Read More ›

Audit Letters

Avoid the temptation to ignore the notice. In most cases, the IRS or a state agency may only need additional information to finish processing your return. Read More ›

Question Mark

Knowing whether you are liable for back taxes owed by your spouse depends upon a variety of factors. Let's discuss the various aspects of spouse liability. Read More ›

Student Loan Interest Deduction

Yes, of course – well, maybe. Like many tax deductions, the student loan interest deduction for parents comes with a list of conditions that must be met. Read More ›

Mature woman at desk

We know our senior citizen population can be particularly vulnerable to being targeted by scammers looking for free money or personal information.  Read More ›

Man holding sign saying HELP!

When a taxpayer receives a collection notice from the Internal Revenue Service, their typical first reaction is one of panic but it doesn't have to be scary. Read More ›

IRS Audit Written on a Paper

The length of an audit depends heavily on the issues being addressed, the level of documentation required, and the Examination Division doing the audit. Read More ›

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