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Payroll Tax

The IRS takes payroll tax debts very seriously and has the power to impose some very strong penalties for businesses who fall behind in this area. Read More ›

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"Winning a tax audit,” simply means that you’ve paid the IRS no more than you rightfully owe. This is where the professionals at TaxAudit come in to help! Read More ›

Internal Revenue Service Sign on Building

If you have ever gone through an audit with the IRS or are just curious why the IRS audits tax returns in to begin with – you are in the right place. Read More ›

Payroll Tax written in blocks

Two payroll tax deferral programs were launched in 2020 in an attempt to relieve the cash flow squeeze that was affecting both businesses and their employees. Read More ›


The surprising answer is yes – you can deduct some of your wedding expenses from your taxes under certain circumstances. Let's take a closer look. Read More ›

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Certain categories of employees can claim the deduction for unreimbursed employee business expenses, but not all. Let's explore some examples. Read More ›

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The IRS has a fixed amount of time to try to get you to pay your tax debt. This fixed period is known as the “statute of limitations,” which generally 10 years. Read More ›

Person looking over paperwork

The gap between what taxpayers owe versus what they actually pay looms large. IRS audits are an attempt to collect the funds required to close this gap. Read More ›

gavel, money, seized house

If you owe the IRS money for taxes and have not been able to pay or make other arrangements, the IRS has the legal right to seize some of your possessions. Read More ›

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State agencies who collect income tax can audit your tax return. One of the most common reasons for a state audit is the audit of your federal tax return. Read More ›

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