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Man reading a letter

An IRS CP501 is an official notice from the IRS Collections Unit that is sent to taxpayers to inform them that they have an outstanding debt. Read More ›

COBRA written with wooden blocks on a clipboard. Document in background.

According to the Federal tax laws, unreimbursed COBRA payments are deductible as medical expenses on your tax return if you qualify to itemize your deductions. Read More ›

Medicare Premiums

There is a very good chance that you can deduct your Medicare Premiums that you paid on your taxes. As always, there are different conditions that must be met. Read More ›

Handcuffs laying on a 1040 form

There are many ways taxpayers can deal with getting their tax debts settled but the best path for each taxpayer depends on the circumstances of their case. Read More ›

Person opening letter

IRS letter 4800C is typically asking for verification of items you claimed on your tax return, such as credits, wages, and withholding. Read More ›

Dentist with patient examining x-rays

Dental expenses (if qualifying) can be included on Schedule A, Itemized Deductions - Medical and Dental Expenses, subject to a 7.5% Adjusted Gross Income. Read More ›

Tax Refund button on a keyboard

A tax refund offset occurs when the Federal Government’s Treasury Offset Program withholds part or all of an expected Federal tax refund to pay past-due debt. Read More ›

Kindergarten class

Kindergarten tuition is not deductible because the costs to attend are considered educational expenses. However, qualifying childcare expenses are deductible. Read More ›

Paternity Test DNA Test Result

What if you want to claim the Child Tax Credit, but your name is not on the birth certificate? This may be time to consider an IRS approved paternity test. Read More ›

Model house for Sale with Sold sign

How does the IRS determine what your primary residence has been to claim the exception or exclusion after selling a house? Let's go over the ownership tests. Read More ›

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