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Cash, IRS check, and Social Security Card

Taxpayers who are behind on their federal taxes may be surprised to know that their Social Security benefits are ripe for the picking by the IRS. Read More ›

Definitely Worth It

Yes, TurboTax Audit Defense It is absolutely worth it. Those who have audit defense do not have to panic or make frantic calls upon receipt of IRS tax notices. Read More ›

Doing Taxes

The most important thing about having audit defense, in my opinion, is peace of mind. Your tax professional will help you navigate the waters of a tax audit. Read More ›

Net Operating Loss

If you are a small business owner, you may have heard about net operating losses. If you have one, it may create a reduction in your taxes in other years. Read More ›

adding machine

The first thing to do when you get audited by the IRS is to not panic! It be scary but with the right tools and resources you will be able to get through it. Read More ›

1040 Tax Return

Absolutely! Now’s let’s chat about how and why audit defense works. Any taxpayer may be subject to receiving an audit or notice in the mail. Read More ›

Man reading a notice

Recently, the IRS sent many taxpayers  a confusing set of letters. The follow-up notice, Letter 6470, notifies the taxpayer of their legal rights to appeal. Read More ›


Rest assured the IRS has no advance knowledge that you have elected to have representation in the case of an audit through Audit Defense. Read More ›

Woman Thinking

You might be questioning if TurboTax Audit Defense is any good as you file your tax return through TurboTax. Yes, you want audit defense and it is worth it! Read More ›

Back Taxes

Back taxes are defined as taxes that were not paid in the year they were due. Penalties and interest may also get tacked onto back taxes if they remain unpaid. Read More ›

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