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Back Taxes

Back taxes are defined as taxes that were not paid in the year they were due. Penalties and interest may also get tacked onto back taxes if they remain unpaid. Read More ›

Pencil Pointing to

One way to find out how much money you owe the IRS is to use the IRS Online Account tool, which allows you to view helpful information about how much you owe. Read More ›


Audit Defense means you will have professional representation in the case of receiving an audit notice from the IRS or any state income taxing agency. Read More ›

Five Gold Stars

With over 1,700 years of combined Tax Professional experience, TaxAudit's Tax Pros have expert knowledge when dealing with the IRS and State tax agencies. Read More ›

Worried Woman

If you haven’t received a notice from the IRS, but think you might owe money to the IRS, you can also utilize the IRS' Online Account tool. Read More ›

Calendar pages flipping back to the past

One of the frequently asked questions we get from our customers is, “Can I buy audit defense for tax returns filed in previous years?” The short answer is: Yes! Read More ›

preschool boy with his thumbsup

Under certain circumstances you can indeed claim a tax benefit for preschool tuition - called the Child and Dependent Care Expenses tax credit. Read More ›

Estate Tax

New Jersey, NJ imposes a tax on the beneficiaries of estates. The tax return requires the tax be paid by the estate on behalf of all the estate’s beneficiaries. Read More ›

Audit Blocks

The terms ‘audit support’ and ‘audit defense’ may sound like the same thing for the average taxpayer.  But in the world of taxes, they can be very different. Read More ›

House with for sale sign that has sold

My Aunt died and the bank sold her house. The bank sent me a check for "excess proceeds" from the house sale. Do I owe any tax on this money? Read More ›

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