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I'm inheriting $44,000 from my father's house being sold in New York. I just want to know how much tax, if any, would I have to pay in South Carolina. Thank You Read More ›

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IRS CP23 letter notifies you of a change to your return due to a difference between the amount of estimated tax payments and the amount posted to your account. Read More ›

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There are some tax-saving opportunities available for graduate school tuition, like the credits for undergraduate expenses. They each have some limitations. Read More ›

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The IRS sends out a CP14 notice to notify a taxpayer when they have unpaid taxes and/or penalties and interest. What should you do if you get a CP14? Read More ›

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When it comes to medications, you can only deduct the amounts that you pay for medicines or drugs that have been prescribed for you by a doctor. Read More ›

April 2023 Calendar with Tax Day written on April 18th

In 2023 the tax returns are due April 18th for most taxpayers. However, if you live in California, Alabama, or Georgia your taxes may be due at a later date. Read More ›

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My brother's wife died and he was left with the house. He gifted (no exchange of money) me the house and I sold it. How do I report capital gains? Read More ›

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The biggest chunk that will be deducted from your paycheck is most likely taxes, both federal and state. Federal taxes include income tax and FICA. Read More ›

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Can Grandparents take a deduction for paying the preschool tuition costs when the child still lives with the parents? To qualify you must meet the following. Read More ›

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The IRS CP22A notice is letting you know that changes were made to your filed tax return, and because of this, there is now a balance owed. Read More ›

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