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Refund check laying on top of a $100 bill

An IRS Notice CP32A is informing you that your refund check has not been claimed. To resolve this notice, you must call to request a new refund check. Read More ›

Woman Reading Letter

IRS Notice CP21C is sent out when a taxpayer requests to make a change to their tax return. The notice informs the taxpayer that the change has been completed. Read More ›

House for Sale

Details regarding the disposition of grouping of activities in order to more easily satisfy the material participation requirements for the RE Pro status. Read More ›

Man opening a letter

IRS CP06A notice asks you to verify the Premium Tax Credit you claimed on your tax return with documentation. How should you properly respond to this notice? Read More ›

Woman reading a letter and holding her phone

Notice CP14H is issued by the IRS to inform you of your unpaid shared responsibility payment that is due and to request that payment. How should you respond? Read More ›

Man on phone while looking at a letter

IRS Notice CP21E informs taxpayers that an audit was recently done on their tax return and the IRS determined that those changes resulted in additional tax due. Read More ›

Woman walking three dogs

The good news is there are many different expenses that you may be able to deduct in relation to your dog-walking job – but your shoes may not be among them. Read More ›

Debt Relief Just Ahead sign

The taxpayer owed over $30,000 in back tax debt that she couldn’t afford to pay. Not knowing what to do, the taxpayer contacted TaxAudit for help. Read More ›

Bags of money and stacked coins with a graduation hat

The short answer is yes, you can deduct education expenses for your dependents, but some limitations and qualifications must be met. Let's explore more. Read More ›

Man reading a letter

You just received an IRS Notice CP90 - Intent to Levy and Unpaid Taxes - in the mail. Don't panic. Let's walk through the letter and determine your next steps. Read More ›

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