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Fresh Start Ahead

If you’re struggling with back taxes, you may be able to qualify for assistance under an IRS initiative called Fresh Start. Here are 3 ways to be eligible. Read More ›

Couple looking at financial paperwork

Yes, the length of time the IRS is allowed to collect a tax debt is generally limited to 10 years. Is waiting out this period a strategy for resolving tax debt? Read More ›

Back Taxes

When a taxpayer fails to file their return, the IRS will come knocking usually in the form of a notice of tax due for back taxes. Back tax help is available. Read More ›

Innocent Spouse Relief Form

If you qualify, Innocent Spouse Relief can help remove or particialy remove a tax burden from an innocent spouse. Read More ›

Estimated Taxes

Estimated tax payments are additional payments that taxpayers may make on a quarterly basis to cover any additional taxes that may be due. Read More ›

Statute of Limitations

Generally, the IRS can take up to 3 years from the date you filed to review your return. In certain situations the statute of limitations can be extended. Read More ›

Tax Deductions

A taxpayer with a sole proprietorship and reports business income and expenses on a Schedule C may claim a prorated amount of the Audit Defense Membership. Read More ›

Military Service Member Uniform

As a military member do you have the same tax filing deadline as U.S. citizens? Are there tax filing extensions available for deployed members of the services? Read More ›

Cash, IRS check, and Social Security Card

Taxpayers who are behind on their federal taxes may be surprised to know that their Social Security benefits are ripe for the picking by the IRS. Read More ›

Definitely Worth It

Yes, TurboTax Audit Defense It is absolutely worth it. Those who have audit defense do not have to panic or make frantic calls upon receipt of IRS tax notices. Read More ›

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