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Master Limited Partnership

Generally, a “regular” limited partnership does not throw off any income that would make it currently taxable while it is inside an IRA. Read More ›

Probate puzzle piece on wooden house

Consider the potential risks and benefits before adding an adult child or caregiver as an owner of your home, bank account, credit card, or any other asset. Read More ›

Mailing a Letter

If you choose to mail in your tax payment to the IRS or state, I recommend mailing it via certified return receipt or priority mail so that you can track it. Read More ›

lady working with 3 binders

When operating a business, the last thing you want to worry about is being audited by the IRS or a state agency. Record keeping should be a high of a priority. Read More ›


The IRS generally considers your primary residence to be the home where you spend the most time, but also looks at numerous other factors. Read More ›

Tax Gap written on a Note

The tax gap is the difference between what the government actually collects in taxes versus what they should have collected to cover the real tax liability. Read More ›

Tax Refund Check

If you owe the IRS back taxes, don’t start spending your refund before it arrives. The IRS can levy or take your refund and apply it to your tax debt. Read More ›

Man driving for work

For individual taxpayers, the cost of driving your vehicle for work is not an allowable deduction for tax years 2018 - 2025. This rule does not apply… Read More ›

Manage Your Tax Liability written in a notebook

With innocent spouse relief you can request the IRS remove your liability for taxes, penalties, and interest owed on income your spouse did not report. Read More ›

Man distressed with tax bill

First, it is essential to make sure you actually owe the tax due. The next step is to figure out how to pay the tax as quickly and painlessly as possible. Read More ›

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