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Woman looking in a parking space with her car missing

Since the government considers your vehicle to be just another piece of property, so is there a tax deduction for the theft of your car? Let's find out. Read More ›

Private School Piggy Bank on a Calculator

There are some parts of the tax code that, in fact, can allow tuition fees to be fully deductible. However, in most cases you cannot deduct private tuition. Read More ›

NOL form

If you suffered economic losses, you may have a net operating loss (NOL) on your taxes. Getting audited by the IRS for an NOL can be complicated. Read More ›


You received an IRS notice CP162 in the mail. You are probably wondering why you received this notice and what it means – we are here to answer your questions. Read More ›

water damage in a home

We had a water leak in our home. The clean up used chemicals which caused us to get rid of our clothing, bedding, and furniture. Is this deductible? Read More ›

IRS Examiner

If you’ve been lucky enough to never receive a love letter from the IRS, you’ve probably wondered: What is it like to go through a tax audit? Read More ›

Tax Refund Written on Jar next to a Piggy Bank

The IRS sends out lots of different types of letters to taxpayers and one such letter is the CP21B. If you have received a CP21B letter, what do you need to do? Read More ›

Group of Volunteers

If you volunteer for an organization, do you get a tax deduction for your time or talent? Let's also look at volunteering use of property and other expenses. Read More ›

Man handing a woman a letter

With TurboTax Audit Defense if you receive a letter from the IRS or state tax agency, simply contact TaxAudit that you’ve received IRS correspondence for help. Read More ›

Umbrella blocking a wreaking ball

If you have audit protection, you don’t have to panic when you get a letter from the IRS. Instead, you can call TaxAudit right away, so we can step in to help! Read More ›

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