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New Roof Being Installed

Costs for home improvements, such as a new roof, add to the cost basis of your property and will reduce your taxable gain when you sell your home. Read More ›

Customer Service Representative

TaxAudit is the exclusive provider of TurboTax® Audit Defense. The phone number for TaxAudit’s customer service department is 877.829.9695. Read More ›

Wage Garnishment written on paper next to calculator

The employer has the job of gathering the information needed from the affected employee to determine the correct wage garnishment amount from the IRS tables. Read More ›

Person getting mail out of mailbox

The first step in preparing for that audit is reading the letter carefully. Audits rarely examine everything on the return, but only ask about specific items. Read More ›

Payment Plan displayed on Computer Screen

If you need some time to pay, the IRS has payment plan options available. (1) Short-term payment plan (2) Long-term payment plan (paying in more than 120 days) Read More ›

Hand with pen writing Tax Deduction

The answer for most states is no. However, 6 states allow some form of this tax break (AL, IA, LA, MO, MT, OR), but only AL, IA, and LA allow a full deduction. Read More ›

Tax Deadline written on July 15th

With the July 15th tax deadline approaching, here’s what you need to know. (1) If You Need More Time, You Can Still File for an Extension (2) Pay What You Owe Read More ›

House prices going up

The reality is you can sell your house to your child, grandchild, or anyone else for that matter, for $1. But just because you can doesn’t mean you should. Read More ›

Garnishment of Wages written on a notepad

Yes, it is possible to make a deal to keep the IRS from garnishing your paycheck. Making payment arrangements with the IRS maybe all that is needed. Read More ›

Audit Defense Tax Professional

Audit defense gets you access to a dedicated tax professional who will develop a strategy and handle all communications with the IRS or state agency. Read More ›

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