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My grandson is in my custody and his mom allowed another person to carry him on taxes were rejected. What should I do next? Read More ›

W-2 tax form next to a pen, money, and calculator

It is not uncommon for state wages to be higher than their federal wages. This alone generally should not trigger a return to be rejected for e-filing. Read More ›

Schedule K-1

If the income items on the Schedule K-1 are sufficiently large, they will generate additional taxes due on your return. You will need to amend your tax return. Read More ›

Pen that wrote a la carte

Yes, you can purchase audit defense a la carte on TaxAudit's website ( TaxAudit is the leading audit defense company in the nation. Read More ›

Mother and daughter at the zoo

Overall, two things are important when determining if you can deduct your zoo membership. The first is what type of organization is the zoo? Is it a non-profit? Read More ›

Pay your tax bill

What a satisfaction it is saying goodbye to old debts. There are several options available to taxpayers who want to make a payment for back taxes to the IRS. Read More ›

Required Minimum Distributions

Retirees should be aware that, for calendar year 2020, the required minimum distribution (RMD) requirements have been temporarily suspended. Read More ›

Father and daughter holding hands

Having custody does not determine who can claim a child as a dependent. The IRS will look to who can prove the child lived with them most of the year. Read More ›

Economic Impact Payment Check from IRS surrounded by money

If you didn't receive an Economic Impact Payment and meet the requirements, you can still receive the payment when you file your 2020 federal income tax return. Read More ›

Tax Professional going over audit letter with couple

When you purchase Audit Defense from TaxAudit, you’re purchasing more than just assistance with your IRS or state notice. You are choosing peace of mind. Read More ›

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