• Mark Olander, CEO of Tax Audit Defense Firm TaxAudit

    As the CEO, Mark’s principal job is to create, develop, and implement the vision and direction for TaxAudit. In this role, he ensures that the strategic goals and objectives are understood by all staff members and the appropriate resources are constantly focused on the achievement of that vision while maintaining the core values and strengths of the enterprise.

  • Nancy Farewell, Vice President of Audits of Tax Audit Defense Firm TaxAudit

    As the CAO, Nancy’s primary job is to recruit, develop, and maintain the Outside Representative function for TaxAudit. In addition to this role, she monitors all Member complaints, reviews the financial statements for the corporation, and makes sure that all insurance policies meet the projected needs as determined by the Board of Directors.

  • Jane Smith, Vice President of Operations of Tax Audit Defense Firm TaxAudit

    As the CXO, Jane’s most important responsibility is to maintain and continue to evolve the culture and environment of TaxAudit to support our company mission. Her focus is on making sure that the staff experience is one of engagement, pride, and personal development while safeguarding the company’s dedication to an amazing Member experience.

  • Dave Du Val, Vice President of Customer Advocacy of Tax Audit Defense Firm TaxAudit

    As the CCAO, Dave’s principal job is to maintain and continue to evolve the customer advocacy function of TaxAudit. His focus is on making sure that the staff has the knowledge and technical experience needed to provide quality audit representation while providing an appropriately customer-centric Member experience.

  • Jake Sindt, Director of Operations of Tax Audit Defense Firm TaxAudit

    As the COO, Jake’s focus is to continually improve the quality and efficiency of operations at TaxAudit. To achieve this, he ensures that each staff member has access to the tools and support they need to do their jobs while understanding our processes, procedures, and technology. This focus is essential for our company to fulfill the corporate mission.

  • Matthew Estes, Director of Strategic Initiatives of Tax Audit Defense Firm TaxAudit

    As CSPO, Matt works with the Executive Steering Committee to develop and manage portfolios of critical initiatives and projects that support the strategic goals and objectives of TaxAudit and to assure timely execution of these projects. His focus is on continually improving the ability of the enterprise to execute in a manner consistent with corporate priorities.

  • Zachary VandeKamp, Director of Audits of Tax Audit Defense Firm TaxAudit

    As the Chief Legal Officer, Zack has the overall responsibility for the management, oversight, and operation of the Legal Department at TaxAudit. Zack is responsible for providing legal guidance on matters pertaining to operations of the business, risk management, regulatory compliance, management of outside counsel, and other legal services.

  • Bob Dover, Director of Technology of Tax Audit Defense Firm TaxAudit

    As Director of Technology, Bob strives to ensure that our members and employees are provided with the most reliable and secure technology services possible. Working as a member of the Executive Team, Bob leverages his two decades of experience building technology teams and systems to translate the business needs of TaxAudit into workable, secure network and software systems that support those needs.

  • Karen Reed, Director of Communications of Tax Audit Defense Firm TaxAudit

    As the Director of Communications, Karen's major focus is building awareness of TaxAudit as a credible brand and trusted resource for tax information, expert commentary, reliable data and tax audit trends and best practices. Equally important to her role is developing and implementing programs that promote an internal culture that reflects the company's core values, ensuring that our mission is fulfilled with each audit we defend. Karen ensures that TaxAudit has a consistently focused and authentic message.

  • Joanne Wierderman, Human Resources Manager

    As the Human Resources Manager, Joanne's job is to continually improve employee experience while ensuring the company's policies remain in compliance with state and federal laws. She draws on her strong management background to achieve her goal of providing the best possible service and support to the employees of TaxAudit.

  • Stephanie Lindsay, Director of Audit Support

    As the Director of Audit Support, Stephanie strives to give our members the best experience possible by supporting and strengthening three of our four largest departments. Stephanie's passion for Corporate Community Involvement is exemplified in her additional role of Corporate Volunteer Manager. She oversees TaxAudit's volunteer program, ENGAGE.

  • Eric Vanpraag, Director of Audits

    As Director of Audits, Eric is responsible for managing TaxAudit's Audit Department – our largest team. Eric has a strong belief in fostering good working relationships, continuous training and development, and ensuring that all members of his team have the tools, training, resources, and mentoring they need to be successful.