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 - 2/25/2021
If you know you are going to owe the IRS this tax year, here are a few things to keep in mind before you pay. 
 - 2/16/2021
Tax season is upon us again! Before you file, take a couple minutes to familiarize yourself with some of the tax changes made over the past year.  
 - 2/10/2021
Arnold van Dyk, director of Tax Services for Tax Audit, talks about EITC and the CTC tax credits with the Associated Press.
 - 12/29/2020
The statute of limitations on IRS collection enforcement is generally ten years from the date the tax is assessed, but certain events can extend the Collection Statute Expiration Date.
 - 12/08/2020
TaxAudit offers last-minute tips to minimize tax burden ahead of the 2021 tax filing season for 2020 returns in the midst of financial uncertainty due to COVID-19.
 - 11/20/2020
With the end of the year rapidly approaching, here are some money-saving tax moves to consider.
 - 11/09/2020
There's still time to make tax moves that will help reduce your 2020 tax burden. 
 - 10/27/2020
Understanding the statute of limitation history on an IRS collections account can be a great benefit when working towards a resolution.
 - 10/13/2020
Audit Defense from TaxAudit can save solopreneurs time and money.
 - 9/27/2020
Here are some tax and personal finance issues to consider as we enter the final quarter of 2020.
 - 8/27/2020
Here's what to do if you've recently received a CP14 Notice.
 - 8/14/2020
Having a wage garnishment order issued is frightening, but taxpayers who know how to navigate the process are often successful in getting them released.
 - 7/15/2020
Tax professionals urge people to file their returns or request a filing extension by July 15, even if they can’t pay 
 - 7/11/2020
Here's what to do and what to avoid doing if you have a tax bill for 2019
 - 7/10/2020
FOX Business shares TaxAudit's last-minute filing tips
 - 7/09/2020
If you owe the government money and can't pay, there are various options available to you
 - 7/01/2020
Here's what taxpayers need to know to be prepared for Tax Day 2020
 - 7/01/2020
How to write off home office expenses as an independent contractor or small business
 - 6/26/2020
Tax experts say further extending tax deadline could create complications
 - 6/25/2020
TaxAudit survey shows the burden faced by taxpayers due to the coronavirus crisis
 - 6/25/2020
A majority of taxpayers are concerned that the financial impacts of COVID-19 may force them into tax debt
 - 5/15/2020
Now is the time for tax practitioners to help taxpayers resolve their delinquent tax debt.
 - 4/14/2020
RMDs are waived this year under the CARES Act. But what if you already took your RMD this year?
 - 4/13/2020
These are the red flags the IRS looks out for when reviewing your tax return.
 - 4/07/2020
Here are answers to many of the questions cropping up about the stimulus checks.
 - 4/01/2020
A third coronavirus relief bill may roll back the cap on the SALT deduction.
 - 3/31/2020
Strategies are emerging around the coronavirus retirement savings provisions.
 - 3/12/2020
On his radio show, MoneyLife, Chuck Jaffe interviews Dave Du Val about recent tax law changes.
 - 3/11/2020
Taxpayers with seriously delinquent tax debt can have their passports revoked or denied.
 - 3/06/2020
Be careful with your donations, itemized deductions, and more to stay off the IRS’s radar.
 - 3/06/2020
There are many simple things you can do to avoid an audit.
 - 2/23/2020
If you earn money from gig work, read this to understand your tax obligations.
 - 2/20/2020
Three-quarters of taxpayers are unaware of more recent tax-related laws like the Secure Act.
 - 2/20/2020
Survey reveals filers are unaware of new rules for 2020 tax season.
 - 2/06/2020
TaxAudit is finding traction with new nationwide service for tax debt relief.
 - 1/10/2020
Follow these tips to make the 2020 tax season less taxing.
 - 12/19/2019
Last minute tax moves to trim your taxable income.
 - 12/13/2019
Year-end tax tips for the self-employed
 - 12/10/2019
Being proactive with your year end tax and financial decisions can minimize your tax bill.
 - 12/10/2019
Even though we’re going into our second filing year under the TCJA, taxpayers are still struggling to understand the code completely.
 - 12/05/2019
The pre-contact responsibilities of IRS examiners.
 - 11/11/2019
It’s time to start thinking about end of year tax moves.
 - 10/04/2019
What the rights of taxpayers who receive Notice of Summons from the IRS?
 - 6/12/2019
There are rules and procedures the IRS must follow when bypassing an audit representative.
 - 5/12/2019
Tax and financial guidance for graduates entering the workforce.
 - 4/21/2019
Income-tax planning is a year-round activity. Now that April 15 has come and gone, here are some tips for managing the rest of this year.
 - 3/31/2019
If you’re worried about next year’s tax bill, now is the time to take action.
 - 3/15/2019
Practical steps to reduce exposure to cyber attacks and data breaches.
 - 3/06/2019
If you want a lower tax bill next year, act now.
 - 2/27/2019
Look for these signs of fraud to avoid tax scams.
 - 2/17/2019
Some taxpayers may be surprised that they owe more than usual this year.
 - 2/15/2019
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to tax practitioner due diligence.
 - 2/12/2019
Expert advice for reducing stress about this year’s taxes.
 - 2/04/2019
To avoid an IRS tax audit, refrain form claiming excessive mileage deductions.
 - 1/11/2019
What makes a home office deductible?
 - 12/14/2018
Take these proactive steps to reduce your tax liabilities.
 - 12/07/2018
Navigating the plethora of misinformation about the TCJA.
 - 12/06/2018
Tax moves that can still be made to help alleviate your 2018 tax bill.
 - 12/05/2018
TaxAudit’s 2018 11th hour tax tips.
 - 12/03/2018
Congress is considering new legislation to correct technical problems with last year’s tax overhaul.
 - 12/01/2018
The biggest winners of the biggest tax reform in years.
 - 11/30/2018
Dave Du Val discusses tax-law changes on Chuck Jaffe’s Money Life Podcast.
 - 11/28/2018
TaxAudit 2018 winners list identifies taxpayers who have the potential to enjoy the biggest tax breaks under TCJA
 - 11/28/2018
Some families could end up paying more under the new tax law.
 - 11/28/2018
Certain taxpayers will benefit from the TCJA more than others.
 - 11/28/2018
Taxpayers who stand to benefit the most from the TCJA.
 - 11/27/2018
Make sure the IRS letter you receive doesn’t turn into a nightmare.
 - 11/18/2018
Many taxpayers will likely be in for a surprise when they file their tax returns next year.
 - 11/18/2018
Trump’s tax cuts will force some taxpayers to pay more this year.
 - 11/15/2018
Not everyone is expected to benefit from the new tax law.
 - 11/15/2018
Five categories of taxpayers may find themselves at the wrong end of tax law changes.
 - 11/14/2018
Certain taxpayers have a greater chance of paying more under the new tax law.
 - 11/14/2018
TaxAudit list identifies taxpayers with the potential to be hit hardest by the new tax rules.
 - 11/01/2018
Get the most out of the changes introduced with the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
 - 10/16/2018
When it comes to U.S. tax law, nothing is ever truly permanent.
 - 10/08/2018
The nuts and bolts of IRS tax and penalty interest.
 - 8/23/2018
There are a handful of rare occasions when interest on an underpayment may be abated.
 - 8/05/2018
GAO report finds millions of taxpayers may have surprise tax bills for 2018 tax year.
 - 7/02/2018
The Form 1040 tax form has been significantly condensed, but now it has six additional forms that may need to be attached depending on the taxpayer’s situation.
 - 4/18/2018
Here’s what you need to know about last minute tax filing.
 - 4/17/2018
Tax day is just a day away, and taxpayers are struggling to understand the new legal landscape.
 - 4/16/2018
If audit worries are keeping you up at night, consider the audit defense protection options in your tax software.
 - 4/10/2018
Selling bitcoin is just like selling an asset for tax purposes.
 - 4/06/2018
Last minute tips to get your taxes complete and help avoid an audit.
 - 3/29/2018
Don’t try any of these “frivolous” tax arguments.
 - 3/26/2018
Learn how your business can avoid audit triggers and comply with IRS rules.
 - 3/25/2018
Avoid these small business mistakes to save on taxes and penalties.
 - 3/19/2018
Virtual currency transactions are on the rise, and tax professionals need to be prepared to report them correctly on their clients’ tax returns.
 - 3/19/2018
Reduce your chances of your tax return winding up on the IRS’s radar.
 - 3/07/2018
TaxAudit CEO Mark Olander discusses the anxiety Americans feel about tax audits on Chuck Jaffe’s MoneyLife podcast.
 - 3/01/2018
Sometimes it’s worth spending money for professional tax help.
 - 2/28/2018
Most Americans are confused by the new Tax Cut and Jobs Act.
 - 2/27/2018
TaxAudit survey reveals anxiety about audits and confusion about the new tax law changes.
 - 2/27/2018
Survey findings show uncertainty about benefits of the Tax Cut and Jobs Act.
 - 2/15/2018
Tax season can be stressful, but there are things you can do to quell your fears.
 - 2/15/2018
These red flags can dramatically increase your chances of being audited.
 - 1/27/2018
Here are multiple tips for avoiding a tax audit.
 - 1/01/2018
Mitchell Walker of Stacking Benjamins interviews Dave Du Val about the new tax rules in his New Year podcast.
 - 12/21/2017
Tax changes call for new tax planning strategies.
 - 12/20/2017
TaxAudit offers eleventh hour tax tips for the Smart Filer.
 - 12/14/2017
For tax purposes, virtual currency is treated as property; keep detailed records of all transactions.
 - 12/12/2017
Five key tax moves to consider doing right now.
 - 11/28/2017
This year's deadline to make required distributions from retirement accounts is Dec. 29.
 - 11/28/2017
To help prevent tax identity theft, file early, monitor your tax account, and be vigilant about information security.
 - 11/09/2017
Keep your records organized throughout the year so you don't have to scramble at tax time.
 - 10/23/2017
File Form 1099-MISC for amounts you pay to independent contractors to ensure deductibility of payments in an audit situation.
 - 10/17/2017
Recognize the signs of tax-related identity theft and be prepared in case it happens.
 - 9/29/2017 hires Kurt Lee as CFO.
 - 8/17/2017
It never hurts to ask for a penalty abatement. Here are some tips.
 - 8/15/2017
To get the most from your tax education benefits, you need a strategy. 
 - 8/10/2017 updates Audit Defense Pro for professional tax preparers.
 - 7/20/2017
Your trusted tax preparer may not be the right person to defend you in an audit.
 - 4/18/2017
Prepare for 2018 taxes now with these tax tips for homeowners.
 - 4/05/2017
A few of the most common reasons for unexpected tax bills.
 - 3/24/2017
Deductions that are okay to claim — and some you should you not claim at all.
 - 3/22/2017
Never lie on your taxes – and have hard evidence to prove your eligibility for deductions.
 - 3/20/2017
Insights on how the wealthy pay such low tax rates.
 - 3/20/2017
A change this year for those who claim the earned income credit and the additional child tax credit.
 - 3/13/2017
Avoid these actions that are likely to raise a red flag with the IRS.
 - 3/08/2017
Dave Du Val warns about the perils of keeping secrets from your tax advisor.
 - 2/19/2017
Dave Du Val talks about audit red flags and how to avoid them.
 - 2/04/2017
Dave Du Val explains why it’s important to comply with healthcare reporting requirements under the ACA.
 - 1/27/2017
Dave Du Val shares advice for avoiding a tax audit with
 - 1/19/2017
Dave Du Val talks about what to expect under the Trump Tax Plan.
 - 1/17/2017
Dave Du Val comments on refund delays and erroneous EITC claims in this story by Carole Feldman of the Associated Press.
 - 12/09/2016
Dave Du Val discusses the unpredictability of the AMT in this CNBC article.
 - 12/07/2016
Dave DuVal discusses strategies for self-employed taxpayers in this US News and World Report article.
 - 12/02/2016
Dave Du Val offers year-end strategies for maximizing income and deductions.
 - 11/10/2016
Dave Du Val shares his end of year tax planning tips and suggestions with GoodCall.
 - 10/09/2016 shares wise advice for October filers in this article from The Street.
 - 10/06/2016
Dave Du Val provides tips for tax professionals for their last minute filers.
 - 8/14/2016
In this article by The Motley Fool, Dave Du Val shares 10 of the most common tax deductions and credits that penalize married couples.
 - 8/13/2016
Chief Customer Advocacy Officer Dave Du Val offers advice on how to plan for college expenses in this article by The Motley Fool.
 - 8/05/2016
Accounting Today displays a slideshow of back-to-school tax tips provided by
 - 7/26/2016 offers back to school tax tips for 2016.
 - 7/12/2016
Dave Du Val offers tips on preparing a tax client’s audit defense.
 - 5/28/2016
Dave Du Val advises taxpayers on what to do and what not to do when an audit letter arrives in the mailbox.
 - 5/11/2016
Chief Customer Advocacy Officer Dave Du Val discusses the tricky rules for spending funds from 529 college savings plans.
 - 4/22/2016
Dave Du Val offers advice on filing a return on behalf of a deceased taxpayer.
 - 4/21/2016
Dave Du Val speaks with US News and World Report about preparing now for next year's taxes.
 - 4/13/2016's documentation tips are featured in this Lifehacker article on surviving an IRS audit.
 - 4/13/2016
Dave Du Val offers sensible tips for the last minute tax filer.
 - 4/12/2016
Dave Du Val offers pointers on how to spot the warning signs of three income tax surprises.
 - 4/11/2016
These last minute tax tips might also help you avoid an audit.
 - 4/04/2016
Dave Du Val speaks with Motley Fool about the worst states for audits.
 - 3/27/2016
Dave Du Val shares his thoughts on mistakes wealthy taxpayers never seem to make.
 - 3/23/2016
Chief Customer Advocacy Officer, Dave Du Val, offers tips on tax loss harvesting.
 - 3/16/2016
Dave Du Val shares insights about IRS audits with The Motley Fool.
 - 3/15/2016
Dave Du Val offers tax advice to single income families.
 - 2/24/2016
Dan Rafter of WiseBread talks to’s Dave Du Val about tricky business expenses.
 - 2/22/2016
Dave Du Val shares three particularly interesting and ridiculous tax breaks with The Motley Fool.
 - 1/24/2016
In this article for CPA Practice Advisor, Dave Du Val provides guidance on some of the most outrageous tax deductions taxpayers want to claim.
 - 1/19/2016
Dave Du Val talks about tax changes you should be prepared for in 2016.
 - 1/19/2016
VP of Customer Advocacy Dave Du Val offers tips on deducting charitable contributions.
 - 12/15/2015
Dave Du Val discusses the worst tax penalties and how to avoid them in this article for CPA Practice Advisor.
 - 9/29/2015
Writing for CPA Practice Advisor, Dave Du Val provides tips for the fourth quarter of the 2015 tax year.
 - 9/11/2015
Dave Du Val discusses the job search tax deduction and what expenses qualify.
 - 8/26/2015
In this article written for CPA Practice Advisor, Dave Du Val discusses the various categories of school cost deductions.
 - 8/17/2015
Dave Du Val speaks with Motley Fool reporter Matthew Frankel about what school expenses you can deduct.
 - 7/29/2015
In this CPA Practice Advisor article, Dave Du Val discusses the new IRS policy on disclosing information to ID theft victims.
 - 7/20/2015 quoted on tax issues relating to Obamacare.
 - 7/17/2015 is featured in this article by Dan Mangan about Obamacare.
 - 7/14/2015
V.P. of Customer Advocacy Dave Du Val speaks with CNBC's Dan Mangan about Obamacare Tax Audits
 - 6/26/2015
Dave Du Val provides tips for dealing with speeded-up audits in Financial Advisor Magazine.
 - 6/05/2015
In this article for CPA Practice Advisor, Dave Du Val talks about the short time-frame audit.
 - 4/29/2015
In this Op-Ed article for The New York Times, Dave Du Val writes about the challenges faced by taxpayers hit with the I.R.S.'s speeded-up audit timetable.
 - 4/10/2015
The Today Show talks about recent data released by
 - 4/09/2015 reveals worst states for audits.
 - 3/10/2015
In this article for CPA Practice Advisor, Dave Du Val gives tips to help taxpayers get ready for their annual tax preparation meeting.
 - 2/27/2015
Dave Du Val talks with Personal Finance Reporter Quentin Fottrell about odd tax deductions.
 - 2/14/2015
Nearly 90 percent of Americans believe identity theft is a serious problem in the U.S., according to a 2014 study by
 - 2/06/2015
In this article for CPA Practice Advisor, Dave Du Val gives a list of deductions that are most often misunderstood, by both taxpayers and tax professionals.
 - 1/13/2015
Carole Feldman of the Associated Press speaks with's Dave Du Val about the new tax forms required by the Affordable Health Care Act.
 - 1/13/2015
Dave Du Val talks with Carole Feldman of the Associated Press about 2014 tax returns and the Affordable Health Care Act.
 - 12/24/2014
Dave Du Val talks with Kay Bell about what the tax world considers a charitable contribution.
 - 12/23/2014
In Kay Bell’s Taxes Blog on Bankrate,'s Dave Du Val explains the tax rules for gift-giving.
 - 12/12/2014
In this article for CPA Practice Advisor, Dave Du Val discusses the CPA’s new role as a Health Coverage Advisor.
 - 11/26/2014
Dave Du Val explains the tax implications of gift-giving in this Accounting Today article.
 - 11/05/2014
In this article written for CPA Practice Advisor,'s Dave Du Val warns financial advisors about three serious mistakes to avoid when advising their clients, and what the right advice should be for each situation.
 - 10/09/2014
In this article written for CPA Practice Advisor,'s Dave Du Val offers tips for managing last minute tax filer clients.
 - 9/19/2014
Dave Du Val of shares facts about tax professional qualifications with Bonnie Lee.
 - 9/11/2014
Bonnie Lee shares Dave Du Val's tax advice about writing off college related expenses.
 - 9/04/2014's Dave Du Val writes for CPA Practice Advisor about the expiration of a key tax provision for distressed homeowners.
 - 8/06/2014
Central Valley Business Times shares's survey data about tax scams.
 - 8/06/2014
The Miami Herald shares Dave Du Val's tips for how you can prevent being scammed and what to do in the event you fall victim.
 - 8/06/2014
Michael Cohn shares's tips for how to identify and protect against tax scams on Accounting Today.
 - 8/04/2014
Taija Jenkins of CPA Practive Advisor shares's survey data about tax scams.
 - 3/24/2014
Kay Bell of speaks with's Dave Du Val about the differences between the standard and simplified home office deduction.
 - 3/24/2014's Dave Du Val writes in Financial Advisor about the tax treatment of employee stock options.
 - 3/18/2014's Dave Du Val speaks with CNN Money about a business versus a hobby for tax purposes.
 - 3/07/2014
Did you know that you are responsible for use tax on your online purchases? A survey found that nearly half of Americans don't.
 - 3/03/2014's Dave Du Val speaks with CBS Boston about charitable giving.
 - 2/10/2014
The Associated Press speaks with's Dave Du Val about tax planning.
 - 1/31/2014's Dave Du Val talks with the Associated Press about tax changes for the wealthy.
 - 1/27/2014
The Associated Press speaks with's Dave Du Val about tax changes.
 - 1/21/2014
Carole Feldman of the Associated Press speaks with's Dave Du Val about tax changes for higher-income Americans.
 - 1/21/2014
The Associated Press speaks with's Dave Du Val about tax penalties and interest
 - 1/21/2014
Carole Feldman of the Associated Press speaks with's Dave Du Val about the Earned Income Credit.
 - 1/17/2014
US News speaks with's Dave Du Val about errors you could make on your tax return.
 - 11/20/2013
CPA Practice Advisor shares's annual end-of-year tax tips for U.S. taxpayers.
 - 9/11/2013
Dave Du Val writes for Wired Innovations about the IRS and its data capabilities and improvements.
 - 9/05/2013
FOX Business speaks with's Dave Du Val about red flags that can trigger an audit.
 - 6/19/2013
The Fiscal Times speaks with about IRS tax forms and Obamacare.
 - 3/12/2013
Business on Main speaks with about Tax Deductions.
 - 4/02/2012
US News speaks with TaxResources about How to Take Advantage of Dependents at Tax Time.
 - 2/28/2012
TurboTax speaks with TaxResources about Filing Taxes for the First Timer.
 - 2/01/2012
US News speaks with TaxResources about Tax Tips for Retirees.
 - 1/25/2012
US News speaks with TaxResources about How to Avoid a Tax Audit.