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What to do if you haven't filed taxes in years.

It happens to many people at some point along the way. You missed filing a a tax return and the next thing you know you haven’t filed taxes in years and are wondering what to do. You may be losing sleep over the thought of back taxes owed. Dealing with the IRS can be scary and intimidating. You don’t have to face them alone.

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Inside You'll Learn:

  • The next steps to take when you haven’t filed taxes in years
  • Tax documents you’ll need to gather and what to do if you haven’t been great at recording-keeping
  • What to do if you own your own business and haven’t filed taxes in years
  • Options when you cannot afford to pay the whole balance owed to the IRS
  • When to hire a tax professional to help you with unfiled taxes and back taxes owed to the IRS

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