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March 25, 2014 by Lisa Masciovecchio
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Know Your Pro – Eric Vanpraag, EA

They say that happy employees make for happy customers, and at TaxAudit those happy employees start with managers like Eric. As one of our Audit Department managers, Eric Vanpraag is an ideal leader. He brings more than a decade of tax preparation, representation and management skills with him each day as he guides our members through some of the hardest journeys they may ever have to take. Being audited is difficult, and that’s why Eric works tirelessly each day to ensure that through his leadership each employee is giving our members the highest caliber of service possible.

Please say “hello” to Eric Vanpraag, EA –

Position: Audit Department Manager (Orange County) and Senior Audit Rep

Years with 8+ (Approx. 16,640 Hours Worked)

Members Helped: More than 1400

 1.    How long have you been working in the tax field?

More than 12 years; I started doing tax preparation, then moved into a managerial role at a tax preparation office.

 2.    What is the most rewarding part of your job?

There are a lot of things; however, it’s foremost helping our members to better understand their unique tax situation. I’m happy when I can aid a member through what feels like a very scary situation only to have it turn out to be a fixable issue with a happy outcome. I also enjoy walking the floor each day to check in with our employees and field questions and assist with cases.

3.    Do you have any hobbies or interests? What are some of your favorite things?

I enjoy golfing, fishing, bowling and spending time with my wife.

 4.    What advice would you give to the average person who’s doing their own taxes?

Be prepared!!! When you’re working on your taxes each year, make certain you have the documentation to back up the information you’ve entered into the return… It will be needed later on if you have to contact us to defend your return!

 5.    Do you have a dream vacation and why would you go there?

I’d love to take a trip to Alaska; I’m sure six months exploring the untouched wilderness wouldn’t be long enough! 

That wraps up this post of Know Your Pro! Thank you for reading and please check out the TaxAudit blog again soon for more info on all things tax!

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