Will I still be head of household when my son goes away to college?

April 01, 2015 by Dave Du Val, EA
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Hey Dave,

In the Fall my son will go away to college and I will be paying his tuition (and flight training − he's going to be a pilot). Can I still claim Head of Household status for 2015 taxes and while he is attending college?  He will spend most of the year in a dorm or off-campus apartment with roomies, but his real home is with me.

Thanks for the advice!




Temporary absences from the home due to special circumstances do not count as time lived away from the home. Special circumstances include going to school, vacation, business, medical care, and military service.

If you are otherwise qualified, your son going to college in and of itself would not disqualify you from claiming Head of Household. And kudos to you and your family for raising a young man who knows the value of an education!

Deductibly Yours,


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