Small Business Audit Defense

Minimize the financial and emotional costs of a potential business audit.


What is Small Business Audit Defense?

A tax examination of your small business can cost you countless hours and thousands of dollars ─ but you can minimize the cost and the stress with prepaid Small Business Audit Defense. When you purchase a membership before you get audited, TaxAudit will defend your business against any future audit for only $59.99. Simply sign up for a membership for each eligible tax entity and year for which you would like protection and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you have a team of seasoned tax professionals ready to defend you.

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We deal with the IRS and state taxing authorities so you don't have to.

Your audit defense membership with TaxAudit provides expert representation for each tax return year for which you have a membership. We carefully manage every audit from the time it is received until it is fully resolved with the taxing agency.

Our tax professionals take care of the details.

We assess the audit, develop a strategy, and work with the IRS or state taxing authority to resolve the case. We take care of audit correspondence with the IRS or state for you – from the first notice to the resolution of your tax matter.

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We provide ongoing communication.

By phone and through our convenient and secure online portal, we stay in touch with you about the ongoing progress of your case.

Optimal notice and audit resolution is our goal.

Our objective every day is to reach an optimal resolution for each member’s audit situation with understanding and professionalism. Our seasoned professionals work vigorously to ensure you receive the largest refund possible, or pay no more tax than you rightfully owe.

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It’s only $59.99 for a Small Business Audit Defense Membership.

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For each tax entity and year for which you have a membership, TaxAudit will:

  • Defend both state and federal income tax returns, including tax returns filed late
  • Professionally and promptly address tax notices that you receive and report to us
  • Provide an easy-to-use, secure portal for you to upload all documentation
  • Explain your options and develop a strategy
  • Review your documentation before presenting it to any taxing authority
  • Communicate in a timely manner through phone and our secure email platform
  • Defend your business tax return through the entire audit process
  • Minimize your financial impact
  • Schedule and attend all audit appointments on your behalf

While it is not common, we will also:

  • Prepare requests for appeals conferences
  • If necessary, prepare a U.S. Tax Court Petition

For only $59.99 your business can have audit defense starting today!

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Criteria benefits iconCriteria for Membership


Business Type:

  • Small Business Memberships are available to Corporations, Partnerships, S-Corporations, and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) that have elected to be taxed as a Partnership, Corporation, or S-Corporation.

    If your business is a Sole Proprietorship and files a Schedule C with your individual tax return, it is included under our Individual Audit Defense Membership. Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) that elect to be taxed as a Sole Proprietorship and file with a Schedule C are also included under our Individual Audit Defense Membership.

Business Size and Income:

  • Business entities that have gross receipts exceeding $5 million and/or 10 partners/stockholders/beneficiaries/members are not eligible for TaxAudit Audit Defense Memberships.

Memberships must be purchased prior to your return being selected for audit or receiving a notice.

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satisfaction guarantee iconSatisfaction Guarantee


Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. At TaxAudit, we strive to provide our members with professional audit representation and the best possible service available. If, for any reason, you are dissatisfied with our services, you may cancel your TaxAudit Audit Defense Membership within 30 days of purchase.


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"Everyone was completely professional and easy to work with. I will continue to purchase TaxAudit every year knowing that the money spent is worth every penny."

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Join the over 17 million members that already have audit defense protection by starting your membership today.

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