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1040 tax return with Passport and $100 bill

If certified by the IRS to have seriously delinquent tax debt, the U.S. State Department can deny passport applications or revoke currently active passports.

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Five Stars

With excellent customer service and well-trained tax professionals, TaxAudit is set up to be the best tax debt relief program in the industry. Here's why:

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Tax Debt Relief

Millions of individuals and business owners in America currently have unpaid IRS tax liabilities. Here are a few items to consider for tax debt relief options.

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Tax Refund Check and 1040

You can call the IRS to see if your refund has been flagged for garnishment. Then you can reach out to set up a payment plan − if warranted.

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Money, United States Treasury Check, 1040 Tax Form

If you paid off a prior year state or local tax obligation to your state, you can include these payments as a state tax deduction, subject to the $10,000 cap.

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Passport with Denied stamped across it

The IRS can request the State Department to revoke a currently active passport of a U.S. taxpayer with severely delinquent tax debt.

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