Should my IRS account show a Notice of Deficiency amount?

March 26, 2021 by Rhonda D. Guillory, EA
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Why doesn't my IRS account show that I owe money if I received a notice of deficiency?


Hi Ronald –

Thank you for your great question. Any tax deficiency, penalties, and interest shown on a Notice of Deficiency represent an estimated amount due based on the proposed changes to your tax return. So, while the amount shown may look like a final amount due, the IRS will generally update your account when the tax is assessed. The tax assessment occurs if the last day to petition the tax court passes without resolving the issues noted or filing a petition to Tax Court. For more information about what to do if you get a Notice of Deficiency, please read this blog post.

If you have an audit defense membership with us, please report your notice to us as soon as possible so we can explain your options. If you do not have a membership, we can still help. We can evaluate your notice and give you a flat-fee quote for representation.

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Rhonda D. Guillory, EA
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Rhonda was a Seasonal Tax Return Reviewer at TaxAudit before joining the permanent staff as an Audit Representative in 2009. She has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and worked in the Information Technology field for 15 years before making a career change. Since transitioning to the field of income tax in 2003, she has prepared and analyzed hundreds of tax returns. Rhonda enjoys helping taxpayers and tax professionals learn and understand the fascinating world of income taxes. Currently, she is the Learning and Development Manager.


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