TaxAudit is the Best Tax Debt Relief Company - 6 Reasons Why

December 17, 2019 by Jessica Brown
Five Stars

Being part of the TaxAudit team for over a decade now, I can’t image another company with a more dedicated or caring team than at TaxAudit. Since 1988, TaxAudit has provided audit representation services for those being audited by the IRS or state taxing authorities. With what is arguably the best customer service in the business and exemplary tax professionals, TaxAudit has grown to be the largest and fastest-growing audit defense service in the country for individuals and small businesses.

Working closely with thousands of taxpayers every year, TaxAudit noticed a growing taxpayer need for assistance due to back taxes owed to the IRS and state taxing authorities. Confident they could help thousands more taxpayers every year, TaxAudit launched its Tax Debt Relief service in 2019 with the goal of helping taxpayers find the best solutions to getting their IRS or state tax debt paid off. Using the same excellent customer service and well-trained tax professionals, TaxAudit is set up to be the best tax debt relief program in the industry. Here are six reasons why:


  1. TaxAudit really cares about every client. Caring for others is the number one core value that drives the TaxAudit team. From the first phone call, to the final conclusion of the case, you are treated as if you are TaxAudit’s only client. TaxAudit’s tax professionals work vigorously for the best possible outcome of your case.
  2. At TaxAudit, you will talk to a licensed tax professional, not a salesperson. Making money doesn’t drive the professionals at TaxAudit – making a difference in people’s lives does. Your free initial consultation will be with a true tax professional – a federally licensed enrolled agent, CPA, or attorney. Your tax professional will work tirelessly on your behalf until the end of your case.
  3. TaxAudit will be honest with you about your situation. During the assessment phase of your case, TaxAudit will provide you with honest and realistic expectations. The truth is that a lot of people can qualify for some type of tax debt relief, but not all. No matter what your situation, TaxAudit’s tax professionals will work tirelessly to get the best results possible for you.
  4. TaxAudit will keep you updated on the progress of your case. Your tax professional and case coordinator will communicate with you throughout your case. Sometimes these cases can take months to resolve with long waiting periods to receive a response from the IRS or state taxing authority. Your tax professional will even call you during these long wait times to check in and let you know he or she is still waiting for a correspondence. When you work with TaxAudit, your team will always want you to know the status of your case.
  5. With TaxAudit, there are no surprise fees. At the beginning of each case, TaxAudit does a compressive assessment of your situation. During this assessment, your tax professional will thoroughly review your situation and develop a personalized tax debt relief plan. Then, your tax professional will give you a flat fee quote for the services outlined in the plan. TaxAudit never quotes for services you don’t need. Oftentimes, you will find TaxAudit has the best rates in the industry.
  6. TaxAudit keeps your information private and secure. When it comes to technology, TaxAudit is a leader in the industry. TaxAudit has a secure online messaging platform where you can send messages to your tax professional and upload required documents. This messaging platform is highly secure, as TaxAudit proactively implements security steps to protect your data during entry, transmission, and storage.

Having tax debt is no fun. Why keep it any longer? Give the people at TaxAudit a call at (855) 893-2308 or schedule your free consultation. You will be surprised at how compassionate and caring they really are.

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Jessica Brown
Graphic and Communications Analyst for TaxAudit


Jessica Brown is the Graphic and Communications Analyst for TaxAudit. Since she began working for the company in 2008, she has found herself surrounded by people whose passion for taxes is contagious. She writes blogs to share her unique perspective as a non-tax professional with a fondness for tax-related issues.  


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