Facing a Tax Audit? Our Audit Representatives Can Help.

If you are a current TaxAudit member, report your tax audit notice. If you are not a current member, it only takes a few minutes to sign up and give us the information we need to give you a professional evaluation of your tax notice. You won’t find better tax notice and return evaluation.

Get Immediate State or Federal Tax Audit Help!
  • DON'T FACE AN AUDIT ALONE Start Evaluation $75.00


    Don't face an audit alone. Getting started is easy—just provide us the letter you’ve received along with your tax return documents. We will provide you a professional evaluation of your situation including a full analysis of documents, planning for resolution, and if recommended, a quote for our expert tax audit representation.

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    Here is what you can expect during our evaluation process

    An evaluation of your tax notice or tax audit letter:

    A specially-trained audit representative will review your tax notice or tax audit letter, evaluate its
    seriousness, and clarify required actions.

    A personal conversation with a Tax professional:

    After reviewing all important documents, we will schedule a telephone
    appointment with you to discuss our findings and recommendations. This
    phone conversation can be up to 30 minutes. You will know exactly what
    your tax notice or tax letter means and how to proceed. There will be no surprise fees.
    Only when necessary, and when we are sure that we can help, will we
    give you a flat fee quote for our expert tax audit representation.

    Expert Audit Defense Service

    Following evaluation of your notice letter and tax return documents, if we feel
    tax audit representation would be beneficial to you, we will give you a flat fee quote for our
    audit defense services. If you choose to use our expert Audit Defense Service,
    we will apply the $75 evaluation fee to your quote.

    TaxAudit audit representatives know the tricks and traps used by taxing
    agencies, thoroughly understand your rights, are experts on tax rulings and
    regulations, and will champion your tax return from the moment you receive your
    tax audit letter or notice until its resolution. You should never have to meet with the IRS!

    For one low, quoted fee, we will:
    • Defend your income tax return through the highest level of appeals.
    • Review your documentation before the IRS sees it.
    • Schedule and attend all State or Federal income tax audit appointments on your behalf.
    • Prepare requests for appeals conferences.
    • If necessary, prepare a U.S. Tax Court Petition.
    • Minimize the financial impact of a State or Federal income tax audit.

    TaxAudit defends you throughout the entire tax audit process!

    If you are not a current TaxAudit member, the process of representation
    begins with a professional evaluation of the State or IRS audit notification you received.

    Questions? Check our Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 800.922.8348.

    At just $75.00, you won't find better tax notice and tax return evaluation.