Is Audit Defense Worth It?

January 14, 2022 by Samantha Lamb
TaxAudit Audit Defense Member and her Family

During a time when people are more aware of what they are spending their money on – be it housing, gas, or groceries – you may question whether you should spend any of your extra funds on prepaid Audit Defense.

It might be tempting to say that you don’t think you really need it. Every year, your return is straightforward, and you don’t think you’ll get audited any time soon.

While that may be true, you can still get other notices from the IRS or state about anything you put on your return – W2 income, 1099s, dependents, etc. And not only do we help our members with all sorts of correspondence from the IRS or state – our membership also includes a variety of other benefits! I’ll explain.

One Low, Flat Fee

Most other tax firms typically charge by the hour for representation, which means you could potentially end up paying hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars for a tax professional’s assistance with a notice from the IRS or state. However, our Tax Professionals provide the same personal, quality service for one low, flat fee. This leads to the next benefit you receive when you purchase an audit defense membership…

Peace of Mind

shopping for audit defenseWhen a notice or audit comes from the IRS, many people’s first instinct is to panic or ignore the letter. It can feel scary being notified of an audit or being told that what you reported on your tax return doesn’t match up with what was reported to the IRS. Instead of feeling panic, there’s a sense of calm when you remember you purchased a service where a team of tax professionals will help you figure out if the letter is right or wrong, along with providing an explanation of what it all means. After receiving a notice or audit letter, you simply pick up the phone or go online to contact us and start the representation process.

Our Customer Service representatives will start by explaining our process and make sure you understand what is needed to get your case started. Next, you will be assigned to a Case Coordinator who will review your initial documents and answer any questions you might have regarding your documents, timelines, or communication options. Your case will then be assigned to a Tax Professional. The Tax Professional will set up a time to speak with you after they’ve looked at the notice and your tax return. If your notice or audit letter requires a response to be sent to the IRS or state, we will handle that for you. In fact, once you start your case with us – we generally handle all correspondence with the taxing agency for you.

Once the audit process has been completed, your Tax Professional will contact you to go over the results. If you do end up owing money to the IRS or state, they will provide you with information on the best way to pay any tax debt. However, our goal is to make sure you don’t pay any more tax than what you rightfully owe.

Years of Tax Expertise and Knowledge

In most cases, a typical tax professional may only work a handful of audits or notices every year. However, our Tax Professionals work on notices and audits every day. Collectively, our tax professionals have over 1,700 years of tax experience and have served over 350,000 clients.

We also take our education very seriously and work hard to stay informed about recent tax changes. At TaxAudit, our tax professionals have obtained at least 41,000 hours of continuing tax education combined.

Secure Communication Methods

Not only do we have qualified Tax Professionals, but our Information Technology and Security team works to stay up to date on the latest threats to cybersecurity and makes sure our systems are secure. All communication with your Case Coordinator and Tax Professional is done via our Message Access Portal (MAP) to ensure your private information stays private. MAP is easy to use and works just like email – only more secure!

Tried and True Customer Service

We check in with every member after the completion of their case and take any feedback we receive seriously. Here are some comments from our happy members:

Chelsea, from the start, was amazing. When I first contacted her, I was stressed and anxious because I received an IRS letter out of the blue. I had no clue what it meant or the reason for the letter. Chelsea explained to me what it was, what it meant, what to expect, and not to worry. That she would be there to represent me and help me through the process. She made me feel less worried. Throughout the process she was there to answer questions and to guide me on what were the next steps and what documents were needed. She followed up with me throughout the process. And she followed up with the IRS several times. When I was getting worried, she reassured me. Ultimately it was resolved with no issues, just like she assured me. I would not have been able to get through the audit without her. She was the best!

Gina, Nashville, TN



I had the best experience with the TaxAudit team. After submitting my request, I was personally called by the supervisor who gave me peace of mind that my case would be taken care of and not to worry. I really appreciated that! Then I worked with Betty H. the rest of the time and she was GREAT! She heard me out and took the time to understand my situation. She was persistent in responding to the IRS to ensure my taxes were unchanged. She was very clear in all of her explanations and expectations. Such a great experience all around.

Joana, Austin, TX



If their words aren’t enough, take a look at this video of one of our members talking about their experience!




In short - yes! Audit Defense is worth it. You can find more information about audit defense here. Or, if you’re convinced that this service will be beneficial for you and want to purchase Audit Defense for yourself, click here.


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