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When shares of a limited partnership held in a SEP-IRA are completely sold are the gains subject to recapture as ordinary income as shown on the K-1 taxable?

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Amended Return written with man at computer and sheets of paper of graphs on them

Tax law does not allow us to claim last year’s expenses on this year’s return, but does allow us to amend our returns to include missing deductions.

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Form 1099-Misc

For 2018 taxes I did not add my 1099. The IRS is saying I owe. How can I remedy this? I have the 1099 ready to add.

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stethoscope on top of stack of cash over an Insurance Claims statement

One way to offset the rising costs of health care is by claiming an itemized deduction for qualified medical expenses paid during the year on your income taxes.

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Amend spelled out with white blocks

If you need to amend your federal tax return, this is done on Form 1040X. Here are some dos and don'ts when filing an amended tax return.

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Pen, calculator, and blocks that spell out TAX on financial papers

I would really appreciate some advice on filing estimated taxes. Please let me know if you provide this service.

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We have been asked to build some basic boxes to be used as a stage for a company. They plan to pay us but are not placing us on their payroll as employees.

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Taxes! Usually, this word creates a strong emotive reaction. We older people tend to not remember the days back when we first filed our very first 1040 EZ.

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