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Colorful balls with numbers

Lottery earnings are generally reported on Form W-2G, taxed as ordinary income, and expected to be reported as “other income” on the federal tax return.

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When a person is ineligible to receive a Social Security number, an Individual Tax Identification Number or ITIN must be obtained in order to file a tax return.

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Man using a calculator

This installment of Know Your Pro will introduce you to a different kind of Pro here at TaxAudit. With in-depth knowledge of all the services we offer...

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Calculator that says Tax Help? on top of 1040 tax forms

A long time ago, before there were tax software programs, before our social welfare programs were written into the Internal Revenue code, and when Federal...

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Tax Return Preparer Credentials

All paid tax return preparers are required to have an IRS PTIN (Preparer Tax Identification Number) which they must enter on the tax returns they prepare.

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TAX spelled out with tiles

They say that happy employees make for happy customers, and at TaxAudit those happy employees start with managers like Eric.

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Pie Chart with 1/3 a 1040 tax form

Enter Dave Du Val! Dave is our Vice President of Customer Advocacy and among many other things, a tax expert. He sat down with me and set my head straight.

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expert highlighted

Introducing Carolyn Richardson! Our highly effective and experienced tax audit professional from Hawaii! With her three decades of tax experience,…

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