Wily loves Dave!

March 20, 2014 by Eric Linden
Pie Chart with 1/3 a 1040 tax form

The Wily Tax Blogger has done a lot in this life. He has booked rock bands at The Viper Room in Hollywood, California, represented an investor purchasing a Starbucks (nope… not an iced Latte.. the whole building), sold web conferencing, and tweeted for a living. Change is his middle name. With this constant change comes retirement tax challenges. Wily has literally had every kind of IRA and 401K imaginable: SEP IRA, ROTH IRA, TRADITIONAL IRA, ROLLOVER IRA, COMPANY 401K. You name it, he has the tax documents to back it up. Wily’s head spins every other year with this rule and that rule and this penalty and that penalty. Poor little Wily. Dude needs to settle down a bit? Heck no!

Enter Dave Du Val! Dave is our Vice President of Customer Advocacy and among many other things, a tax expert. He sat down with me and set my head straight. Each year, new tax laws are passed and keeping up with them is a challenge for the layperson. Especially when yearly change is your middle name. “Did you know, Mr. Wily, you can deduct those miles you covered racing around the Sacramento region schlepping for that dream career?” Very nice! “How about converting that Traditional IRA over into a ROTH? It may work better for you in the long term!” Excellent! Thank you kindly, Mr. Du Val.

Tax preparation and planning requires work and sound advice from a trustworthy professional. Wily understands this and takes the appropriate measures these days. Back in the day, not so much. Our new economy requires us and Wily to be nimble and elastic. The one absolute constant in this ever changing economy and job market is yes… TAXES. As they say, “death and taxes” are as certain as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West. It is of utmost importance we keep abreast of the yearly tax changes and have that trusty tax advisor’s phone number handy.


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