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Sold House

Two siblings were listed on the title of a home with their mother. She died and the siblings sold the home and distributed the funds to the other siblings.

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Last Will and Testament

I inherited a property located in foreign country from non-US relative, do I need to file 1099-S? I did not receive 1099-S since the property is not in USA.

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1099-S Form

When you inherit real property, like a home, then for tax purposes the beneficiaries receive what is called a “stepped-up” basis.

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Form 1099-Misc

For 2018 taxes I did not add my 1099. The IRS is saying I owe. How can I remedy this? I have the 1099 ready to add.

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$100 bills with magnifying glass and stock price chart

Your company offers you employee stock options. The paperwork says they are Nonqualified Stock Options (NQSO’s). You don’t quite understand what that means...

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Couple sitting in chairs relaxing on the beach

You remember you hit the snooze button on preparing your 2014 return in April and decided to file an extension, instead. 

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warning sign

Businesses subject to backup withholding can rectify the problem by contacting their payment card processor or third party settlement organization.

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We have been asked to build some basic boxes to be used as a stage for a company. They plan to pay us but are not placing us on their payroll as employees.

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Here are some simple tips to help you reduce your audit risk: Proofread your tax return A mistake on just one figure or item can present IRS audit flags…

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