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Senior couple reading letter intently

They received an IRS tax notice demanding payment for over $600,000 in tax, interest, and penalties. Not knowing what to do, they contacted TaxAudit for help.

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Business Owner Looking at Receipts

There are many options for managing your small business tax debt. A tax resolution specialist from TaxAudit can guide you in choosing the best approach.

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Tax Resolution Specialist

If you find yourself with tax debt due to unpaid payroll taxes, you may have options to help settle the debt. Let’s review some payroll tax debt relief options.

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Wage Garnishment

If you are buckling under the weight of an IRS wage garnishment, it is time to get yourself free! We have seven practical ways to stop an IRS wage garnishment.

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Back Taxes written on a computer screen

If you owe back taxes, there are options to resolve your back taxes, and TaxAudit can help. Here are a few possible options:

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