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Business owners looking at receipts

Yes, Tax Debt Relief is available for businesses. Read more about tax debt issues businesses face such as Employment Tax Issues, Trust Fund Taxes, etc.

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Tax Professional

Let's talk about how the Tax Debt Relief process at TaxAudit works so you can decide if our company is the best for you.

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Woman worried about tax debt

Do you have tax debt? Would repaying this debt cause you financial hardship? If so, you may be eligible for Currently Not Collectible status through the IRS.

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Business Owner Looking at Receipts

There are many options for managing your small business tax debt. A tax resolution specialist from TaxAudit can guide you in choosing the best approach.

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Couple looking at financial paperwork

Yes, the length of time the IRS is allowed to collect a tax debt is generally limited to 10 years. Is waiting out this period a strategy for resolving tax debt?

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woman distressed about finances

When you can't make your tax due payment without impacting your ability to pay for living expenses, the IRS can put you in Currently Not Collectible status.

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Wage Garnishment

If you are buckling under the weight of an IRS wage garnishment, it is time to get yourself free! We have seven practical ways to stop an IRS wage garnishment.

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Economic Hardship

CNC status is for taxpayers who cannot make any tax debt payments without seriously jeopardizing their ability to pay for their basic living expenses.

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Tax Debt Relief

Millions of individuals and business owners in America currently have unpaid IRS tax liabilities. Here are a few items to consider for tax debt relief options.

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