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April 2023 Calendar with Tax Day written on April 18th

In 2023 the tax returns are due April 18th for most taxpayers. However, if you live in California, Alabama, or Georgia your taxes may be due at a later date.

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House Burned Down

Is there relief from the government in the form of a tax break? Like many things in taxes, this can depend on different things, such as what caused the fire.

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Important Document Folder

When it comes to taxes, there is no shortage of situations to prepare for. One of the most overlooked areas relates to natural disasters.

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Flooded basement with boxes floating

The single most important thing you can do <a href="~/TaxAlerts/Alert/What-Documents-Do-You-Need-for-an-Audit" target="_blank">to make sure you’re prepared for an audit</a> is keep good, organized records in a safe place.

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Hurricane Season Ahead

The IRS has taken the initiative to remind taxpayers about the importance of protecting and preserving important documents, should disaster choose to strike.

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