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internet network cables connected to a router or modem

If you are self-employed, you may be able to deduct your home office internet expenses on your taxes. Let's review the guidelines for an internet deduction.

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HOA written with blocks with wooden house on top

HOA fees are not deductible for a property used as your private home all year. But there may be a deduction for those who use their home for business purposes.

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Small paper house with Home Insurance binder next to it

If you meet the conditions for the home office deduction, you are allowed to deduct a portion of your home insurance premium.

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Woman working in her home office

Yes, you can deduct a portion of your home rent for your home office on taxes – but as always , this benefit is only available if certain conditions are met.

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Woman working from home office

If you operate a business from inside your home, the home office deduction can be one of the largest deductions you can take as a tax write-off.

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Woman working from home at her desk.

As part of the tax reform laws, the home office deduction was eliminated for all tax years from 2018 through to 2025 for taxpayers who are employees.

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Woman working from home with child next to her

When determining the deduction for a home office, there are two different methods to choose from: Actual expenses and the simplified method.

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