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Woman reading a letter

You open your mail and see IRS Letter 5071C. What on earth does this letter mean? Are you being audited? Why did you receive this letter in the mail?

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Warning Identity Theft Sign

You received an IRS Letter 5071C for a tax year in which you never filed a tax return. It is likely that someone might have filed a tax return in your name.

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IRS Scam sign on a Telephone

There is a growing number of criminals and fraudsters that are constantly trying to gain access to our bank accounts through clever scams and schemes.

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Boy standing in front of chalkboard with a finger on his chin

The first thing to do is to check every name and Social Security number listed on the return with what is listed on their Social Security cards.

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Identity Theft

IRS Partners have begun to create and initiate essential changes which will revolutionize and improve taxpayer security in the coming years.

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