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Payroll Taxes written on paper with office supplies in background

Falling behind on your California payroll tax payments effects not only your employees, but also on your business operations as the EDD imposes penalties.

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Fortunately, the short answer to the original question is yes, Illinois state payroll tax debt can quite possibly be reduced.

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The IRS has the power to impose some very strong penalties for businesses that fall behind in their obligations to make the scheduled payroll tax deposits.

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Payroll Taxes

The IRS treats payroll tax debt seriously. Any employer or employee whose job it is to collect and pay the taxes, but willfully fails, can be held responsible.

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Payroll Tax

The IRS takes payroll tax debts very seriously and has the power to impose some very strong penalties for businesses who fall behind in this area.

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Two payroll tax deferral programs were launched in 2020 in an attempt to relieve the cash flow squeeze that was affecting both businesses and their employees.

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Tax Resolution Specialist

If you find yourself with tax debt due to unpaid payroll taxes, you may have options to help settle the debt. Let’s review some payroll tax debt relief options.

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The IRS takes payroll tax delinquency seriously – so seriously that IRS Revenue Officers have closed down businesses for not paying them. Tax help is available.

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