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Block with Tax words on it

The letter you hoped would never come arrived. You open it and discover the IRS has graciously sent you an invitation to their work mileage deduction review.

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Dictionary with the focus on the word Taxpayer

If you made an mistake on your taxes or omitted required information, such as a late-received W-2 or K-1, you can file an amended return on Form 1040X.

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glasses and pen laying on top of tax form

There are so many ways that taxpayers have tried to do an end run on the tax system that the IRS issues an updated consumer alert each year titled...

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Rolled up receipt

If you have a dedicated credit card for your business, can you use the statement as the receipt for your business entertainment, meals, travel, etc.?

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Handcuffs laying on a 1040 form

My son was arrested in December of 2012 and spent the entire year of 2013 in jail awaiting trial. During that year I paid his attorney fees, car payments...

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Woman at the Dentist

I took out a medical loan for $36,000 dollars for full mouth restoration by two dentists due to infections. My insurance only covered $890. Can I deduct it?

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dog sitting on green chair

I travel for a living and my company knows I have pets. I have to have them kenneled when I am traveling for work.  Can I expense the cost of the kennel stay? 

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Calculator and Stethoscope

Feeling sick? Broke a foot? Broke a tooth? Kids in braces? Are these deductible on your taxes? Well – maybe. Medical, dental, and even alternative health care..

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Woman filling out a tax form

It’s that time of year when taxpayers begin to get massive headaches. If you feel your head pounding, following these simple tips could save you more pain.

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