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Taxpayer Advocate written on a blue piece of paper

The TAS is an independent organization within the IRS, created with the intention of identifying and resolving problem areas within the tax system.

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$20 bill, American Flag, and Capital Building

In essence, the flat tax is a system of taxation where one tax rate is applied to some types of income with no deductions.

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Tax scammer

These thieves use a legitimate taxpayer’s name, address and social security number to file a fraudulent return claiming a large refund, and then divert...

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Calculator and pen on top of 1040 tax forms

My wife made a $5,000 contribution to her IRA in last year. Through using TurboTax, we learned that we don't have the earned income to support a deduction...

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Rx bottle that says Affordable Care Act

You might have thought that with the new Health Care Reform more of all the money you spend on health insurance and medical expenses would be deductible.

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man and woman getting married

My wife and I are preparing our taxes, and, due to her employment situation(s) and our investments, we have received a number of 1099s...

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3 Armed Forces Members

If you are a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, there are tax breaks written just for you. Merchant Mariners and American Red Cross employees do not qualify...

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US Flag background with money

The IRS and National Taxpayer Advocate Nina Olson announced the adoption of a new Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

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Handcuffs laying on a 1040 form

Continuing on with Scams 5-7, let’s look at the second set of scams in The Dirty Dozen:  Return Preparer Fraud: Most preparers are honest, and want the best...

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TAX DAY written with blocks

You owe money to the IRS – now what? Don’t faint, don’t freak out, and don’t worry! There are simple ways to take care of that balance due.

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Silhouette of Micheal Jackson

Michael Jackson stirs up many good memories for me. I mean he is the Elvis of my generation. I vividly remember getting his Thriller record for Christmas...

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Gold Record

I’m sure you remember when Susan Boyle became an overnight web sensation. Since then, thousands of hopeful musicians, writers, artists, and dancers...

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