Interested in Helping Low-Income Taxpayers?

5/1/2015 | Written by: Charla Suaste

If you are part of an organization that acts or desires to act in the interest of low-income taxpayers, look no further than LITC: a federal program created with the intention of helping those who want to help.

On May 1, 2015, the IRS opened up its LITC grant application process for organizations looking to serve and educate low-income taxpayers. The purpose of the grant is to help fund clinics that operate on the premise of helping impoverished taxpayers in the midst of controversy with the IRS and/or who do not speak English as their first language. LITC clinics offer a variety of services, including audit representation, assistance with appeals and tax collection matters, as well as taxpayer education.

Applications from a variety of organizations will be considered – both from those who already operate such clinics, as well as those who want to begin one – and qualifying recipients of the grant are required to provide their services at little to no cost to the taxpayers. The IRS is especially eager to fund clinics in a variety of underserved regions across the country.

For additional information regarding the LITC program, please contact the IRS LITC Program Office. The deadline for filing a 2016 LITC application is June 15, 2015.