Tax Tips for October Filers

10/1/2014 | Written by: Karen Reed, EA

If at this late date you still haven’t filed your tax return, here are some tips to help you avoid many of the most common tax return errors:

  1. Double check spelling of names and make sure social security numbers are listed correctly.
  2. Choose the best (and correct) filing status for your situation. If you are not sure, use the IRS’s Interactive Tax Assistant.
  3. If you’ve done any calculations outside the tax program, double check them for accuracy.
  4. When there is more than one correct option for a credit or deduction, be sure to select the one that is most advantageous.
  5. If there is direct deposit or debit involved, verify that the bank account information is correct.
  6. If you are mailing in your return and/or a payment, don’t forget to sign and date your tax return and check.
  7. Mail your checks and tax returns to the correct IRS and state tax offices.
  8. Avoid Electronic Filing Errors by having last year’s e-file PIN or Adjusted Gross Income amount available when you e-file.

If you receive a letter or notice from the IRS, open it immediately. With tax identify theft on the rise, many taxpayer are receiving letters from the IRS’s Identity Verification Service. If you receive IRS Letter Number LTR5071C, your return will not be processed until you verify your identity, either by calling the telephone number provided on your letter or through the agency’s secure online verification system at