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1040-SR Tax Return

My fiancé has recently been incarcerated. Prior to arrest he filled on pandemic unemployment, but I did not. How should I file taxes this year?

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1040 tax return with green pen laying on it

From a tax standpoint, a relationship that is established by marriage, such as your relationship with your mother-in-law, does not end with divorce.

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Woman in white hat in a swimming pool

If my ex-wife lives with me and I provided more than half of her financial support will I be considered single status or head of household? 

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Mom blowing bubbles with daughter on a couch

I’m legally married and live with my spouse. We file our taxes separately. Can I file as head of household while he files as married filing separately?

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Woman in white sweater

I have a question about a head of household. My ex-husband passed away, which left his mother needing someone to care for her. I took her into my home…

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In the Fall my son will go to college and I will be paying his tuition. Can I still claim Head of Household status for my taxes while he is attending college?

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