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Donation Box

This is a brief summary of the IRS's numerous requirements in regard to charitable giving.

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Old orange truck

What is the best option are for getting rid of an old vehicle? Should I donate it for the auto valuation guide value of $3,000 or sell it now for $1,500? 

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The Grinch

The holiday season is a time for giving, but if you don’t follow the carefully prescribed rules for charitable giving, the IRS may disallow your deduction.

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change button on a keyboard

Do feel motivated to give money to an organization after the last hurricane/tornado/flood/fire? Did you get a phone call, email, personal appeal by someone?

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Donation Box full of sweaters

You cleaned out your closets, attic and garage this year and took all of those piles down to your local charity drop-off location. (I bet that felt good.) 

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