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Grocery bag full of food

Groceries you buy for your household are a personal expense and are not deductible. But there are numerous cases in which food can be deductible.

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yellow car being washed

As a rideshare driver you can likely deduct your carwash expenses on your taxes. But, as always, certain conditions have to be met. Allow me to explain.

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Woman looking at dry cleaning

Employees cannot deduct dry-cleaning costs on federal taxes until 2026, but self-employed individuals can take the deduction by meeting 3 qualifying tests.

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Instructor teaching students

Depending on the nature of the education, there may be an avenue to account for work related education expenses on one's tax return.

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man with a calculator

If you have unreimbursed business expenses as an employee, then those expenses are generally no longer deductible on your 2019 federal tax return.

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Yoga Class

Just like there are hundreds of poses in yoga, the tax law is not so simple - and there are subtle variations that determine whether the answer is yes or no.

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Health Insurance

Yes, under certain conditions, health insurance premiums are tax-deductible. Generally, the health insurance premiums can be deducted in one of two ways.

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Tax Filing

Not all taxpayers are required to file a federal income tax return. Determining if you have a filing requirement starts by evaluating your gross income.

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tablet with tax words displayed on it

Many people will likely owe extra money as a result of inadequate withholding because the new withholding tables were not accurate.

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