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Social Security care with $100 bills

IRS letter CP91 states that the IRS may seize up to 15% of your Social Security because you have an unpaid tax balance due. What can you do if you get a CP91?

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Cash, IRS check, and Social Security Card

Taxpayers who are behind on their federal taxes may be surprised to know that their Social Security benefits are ripe for the picking by the IRS.

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Payroll Taxes Sign on top of dollar bills

The IRS takes payroll tax delinquency seriously – so seriously that IRS Revenue Officers have closed down businesses for not paying them. Tax help is available.

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Economic Impact Payment Check from IRS surrounded by money

If you didn't receive an Economic Impact Payment and meet the requirements, you can still receive the payment when you file your 2020 federal income tax return.

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Boy standing in front of chalkboard with a finger on his chin

The first thing to do is to check every name and Social Security number listed on the return with what is listed on their Social Security cards.

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Wedding Checklist

If you are getting married, keep these tax items in mind as part of your wedding checklist.

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Pie Chart with 1/3 a 1040 tax form

Is this additional income from Social Security tax-free, or will it be added to my Gross Income for the year and be taxed as such?

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