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Man on phone while looking at a letter

IRS Notice CP21E informs taxpayers that an audit was recently done on their tax return and the IRS determined that those changes resulted in additional tax due.

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Clock concept of never ending time

The length of a tax audit depends on many factors and can go on for months or even years. You don't have to face a tax audit alone though - TaxAudit can help!

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IRS check with money surrounding it and 1040 form

A large tax refund alone will not necessarily generate a tax audit, but if the reason why you received a large refund is questionable the IRS may peek closely.

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Auditor writing on paper with binders on his desk

What can cause a tax audit? Let’s talk about some of the primary triggers that may cause you to receive an audit or other notice.

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Tax Audit written in blocks placed on $20 bills

Do we actually know what a tax audit is, why they exist, and what we can do to prepare for one? Let's explore the answer to these tax audit questions.

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We Will Win written on blocks

"Winning a tax audit,” simply means that you’ve paid the IRS no more than you rightfully owe. This is where the professionals at TaxAudit come in to help!

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Person looking over paperwork

The gap between what taxpayers owe versus what they actually pay looms large. IRS audits are an attempt to collect the funds required to close this gap.

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IRS Examiner

If you’ve been lucky enough to never receive a love letter from the IRS, you’ve probably wondered: What is it like to go through a tax audit?

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Tax Audit written on financial paper

A tax professional spends four to ten or more hours per audit - think of the time and stress you could save yourself if you purchase pre-paid audit defense.

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irs agent examining a tax return

Besides official IRS examinations, the IRS also conducts other types of tax reviews that are not classified as official audits, and these are far more common.

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Audit Stamped on 1040

When your tax return is audited, the IRS will ask to see records and documents that show how you came up with the dollar amounts reported on your tax return.

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