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AUDIT spelled out with small blocks

If you are under audit, it is acceptable to submit your current tax return. Just be mindful that you may have to amend it once the previous year's audit closes.

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File Folders with one labeled Taxes

If I haven't worked in a couple of years and didn't file taxes or get the first stimulus check, then where do I start or how do I file?

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Tax Return Help

When people ask me for advice on how they should deal with filing unfiled tax returns, I usually tell them to file the most recent year first.

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1040 tax return with handcuffs laying on top

Inmates are responsible for filing taxes. While you can certainly help your boyfriend file his taxes, you can’t sign and submit the return on his behalf.

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Tax Time

The IRS has some quick and helpful tips for those who are anxious to get their yearly tax filing out of the way.

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Tax Return with $100 bills, calculator, and pin

If you missed the tax filing date, you are certainly not alone; there are thousands of taxpayers who miss the filing cutoff every year.

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Working Abroad?

U.S. citizens and resident aliens who work and live overseas during large portions of the tax year may still have IRS tax filing requirements.

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October 15

If at this late date you still haven’t filed your tax return, here are some tips to help you avoid many of the most common tax return errors.

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