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refund written with blocks

If the IRS is taking your refund, sometimes you need a qualified tax professional who understands IRS collection procedures to intercede on your behalf.

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Cash, IRS check, and Social Security Card

Taxpayers who are behind on their federal taxes may be surprised to know that their Social Security benefits are ripe for the picking by the IRS.

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Pencil Pointing to

One way to find out how much money you owe the IRS is to use the IRS Online Account tool, which allows you to view helpful information about how much you owe.

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Worried Woman

If you haven’t received a notice from the IRS, but think you might owe money to the IRS, you can also utilize the IRS' Online Account tool.

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Amount You Owe

The thought of owing the IRS money can be a scary thought – especially if you’re not sure you do! The IRS has provided tools to help taxpayers like you!

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