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Internal Revenue Service Sign

If you’ve received an IRS deficiency or IRS determination and disagree with the changes, how can you dispute them? Read on because we’re here to help!

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Senior couple reading letter intently

They received an IRS tax notice demanding payment for over $600,000 in tax, interest, and penalties. Not knowing what to do, they contacted TaxAudit for help.

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One of the most common notices we see at TaxAudit is the IRS Letter 3219C – also called a Notice of Deficiency. What is this notice? Why did you receive it?

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Why doesn't my IRS account show I owe money if I received a Notice of Deficiency? A Notice of Deficiency represents an estimated amount due and isn't finalized.

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Audit Letters

Avoid the temptation to ignore the notice. In most cases, the IRS or a state agency may only need additional information to finish processing your return.

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A Notice of Deficiency (aka Statutory Notice of Deficiency, Stat Notice, 90-day letter) is the last letter the IRS sends before making its assessment of tax due

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